Things You Need to Know Before You Build a Deer Fence

Things You Need to Know Before You Build a Deer Fence

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If you live in an area that has deer, you know just how destructive they can be to your garden. That’s especially true if you have a vegetable garden!

Deer are lovely to look at, and they’re beautiful gentle creatures. But not when they’re munching your cauliflower and trampling the daffodils! A deer fence helps to keep deer out of your yard, but there are a few things you should know before you build one.

Deer Fence Needs to Be High

The first and most important thing you need to know about deer fence is that it needs to be high. Usually at least 8 feet. That’s because deer are very good jumpers, and if you have anything lower, all you’ll really do is give them a workout.

Avoid Anything Sharp or Spiky

Deer might be great jumpers, but even they sometimes misjudge their leaps. If you live in deer country, whether you build a deer fence, an ornamental fence or something else, you want to avoid having anything sharp on your fence.

Deer can and have been impaled on spiky fences, and they can also be badly injured by barbed wire and other sharp fence materials.

Affordable Mesh Options for Deer Fence

The good news is that because deer are so common in many parts of the world, there are special types of mesh that are made just for deer. This mesh is similar to farm fence, but much higher, and it’s designed to be installed quickly, usually on wooden posts.

This type of deer fence mesh also has larger apertures, which means less wire, and that also brings the cost of your deer fence down. Plus, with less wire and widely spaced posts, your deer fence will have minimal impact on your view too!

Electric Deer Fence Options

Another common deer fence option is an electric deer fence. This, like most modern electric fences, delivers a non-lethal pulsed charge that acts as a good deterrent to deer.

These kinds of fences are usually installed above a mesh fence of some kind and can have various configurations.

Deer Fence Contractors

The final thing you need to know about deer fence is that not all contractors offer this kind of fencing.

Like certain kinds of agricultural fence, commercial fence, residential fence and high-security fence systems, contractors tend to stay in their own lane.

So you might have to do a little searching to find a contractor to install your deer fence, but if you find someone who specializes in this type of fence, you will get great results.

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