Why Do Fences Go Green?

Why Do Fences Go Green?

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Hopefully, your fence doesn't look like the one in this picture! But if you've asked the question why do fences go green, there's a good chance you've noticed some green on your fence.

Let's look at why fences go green, and what you can do.

Plant Growth

The answer to the question "why do fences go green" is actually very simple: it's because plants grow on them.

This usually happens in places that have more moisture in the air and milder climates (so it's less likely to happen if you live in a colder country.) It also doesn't happen in places where the air is usually very dry.

The plants that cause the green appearance of your fence could be moss, or they could be one of many kinds of algae. They usually grow on rougher, more porous surfaces like wood or concrete fences, and in some cases, you can prevent or remove this kind of growth.

However, once your fence has had a few years of moisture and plant growth, you might not be able to save it and you may need a new fence.

How to Prevent Moss and Algae Growth on Fences

The simplest way to prevent moss and algae growth on fences is to choose the right kind of fence.

Moss and algae are most likely to grow on wood or concrete fences and walls, so you could choose to have a vinyl or chain link fence instead. These fences don't have porous surfaces, so there's nothing for the plants to grow into.

You could also choose a treated wood fence - but that's not a guarantee that you won't have moss or algae. If you have enough moisture in the air, eventually you'll have some green growth on your fence.

If you are installing a new fence, look around your neighborhood first. See what the other fences nearby look like. If there are fences with green growth on them, you can probably expect the same.

How to Clean A Green Fence

If you've only just noticed green growth on your fence, you could clean it off using a pressure washer. This will blast the plant growth off the surface of the fence, however, you might also have to apply a chemical to prevent the growth from coming back.

There are special products on the market that can remove and prevent moss and algae growth.

In general, if you have a moss or algae problem one year, you're likely to have it every year. So if you don't want to clean and treat your fence every year, you might need to choose a different kind of fence.