How to Attach Wire Rope to Metal Posts?

How to Attach Wire Rope to Metal Posts?

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If you’re considering building a post and cable fence using metal posts, you’re probably trying to build a vehicle barrier that’s a little stronger and more durable. That’s a very good idea.

However, it does raise one question: how to attach wire rope to metal posts. Fortunately, there are a few simple solutions to this problem. Let’s take a closer look.


Get a wire Rope Kit

Attaching wire rope to metal posts is as much about having the right materials for looping and crimping your wire rope as it is the method you use to attach it. Buying a wire rope kit for fencing makes this a whole lot easier!


Option 1: Use Eye Bolts

If you have holes in your post, or you can drill some (not recommended for areas that get snow!), one easy way to attach a wire rope to a metal post is to use an eye bolt.

If your end post is large enough, you can even drill through one side only, attach the nut to the bolt on the inside of the post, and then top it with a dome cap for a neater finish.

You can simply drill holes through your line posts or attach a ring or hook to each one to run the wire rope through.


Option 2: Use brace bands

brace bands for chain link fences are usually used with rail ends or to attach wire to posts, but they can also be used to attach wire rope to metal posts. Simply slip the loop of your wire rope over the bolt, between the ends of the brace band, and then fasten it in place.

brace bands come in sizes that fit most common fence post sizes, and they are available in galvanized and powder-coated options so that you can match them to most post finishes


Option 3: Weld Half Chain Links

The third option we have as a solution for how to attach wire rope to metal fence posts takes a little more work but provides a more permanent solution that is not held in place by a nut.

Cut large chain links in half, and then weld them in place on your fence posts. Make sure they’re at the same height on each post and you have an easy loop to attach your wire rope to.



Creative Fence Solutions

The truth is that while there are some more common fence specifications out there, there’s no such thing as a standard fence anywhere in the world, so if you need something a little more creative, there are no rules that say you can’t get creative!

Often, a visit to your local hardware store or a quick search online will provide innovative solutions like these that you can adapt to your fence problem. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when designing your fence!

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