How to Build a Chain Link Dog Kennel

How to Build a Chain Link Dog Kennel

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If you have dogs, keeping them safe and contained while protecting your plants, outdoor kitchen, or swimming pool is a big concern. That’s why so many people these days wonder how to build a chain link dog kennel.

In this article, we’re going to look at the best way to build a chain link dog kennel that will keep your best friends (and your backyard) safe and sound this summer.

What Is a Chain Link Dog Kennel?

Even if you're already searching the internet for chain link dog kennels, you might not be entirely sure what they are, or how they work.

The truth is, like most types of fencing, chain link dog runs or kennels can be built in several different ways.

Some are permanently installed using chain link fence posts in concrete or pounded into the ground. Others are portable, and are freestanding structures that are clamped together in the corners, and this is the type that we're talking about in this article. This type of chain link dog run is portable and can e moved from place to place. They can also be assembled quite easily as a DIY project, even if you have no fence experience.

This type of dog run is often used when there are areas of your yard you want to restrict your dogs from, but it might also be an option if you don't want to fence your whole yard, or if you have one or more dogs that is a climber and can get over your perimeter fence.

Some people also use chain link dog kennels when they are breeding their dogs and expecting puppies, or when their dog is in season and they DON'T want puppies!

There are many reasons why someone might want to build a chain link dog kennel, and this article is designed to get you started.

How Much Does a Chain Link Dog Kennel Cost?

Another common question people ask is how much they're likely to pay for a chain link dog run or kennel. The answer is, it depends.

The larger your dog kennel is going to be, and the higher it is, the more you're likely to pay for the panels or materials to build it.

Likewise, when you add things like gates or roofs, the cost of your chain link dog kennel will increase.

Generally, you can expect to pay several hundred dollars per panel for a chain link dog kennel, and the finished product could be a couple of thousand dollars or more. However, that's still usually cheaper than hiring a contractor to build a chain link fence for you, and if you move, you can take a freestanding chain link dog kennel with you!

Chain Link Dog Kennel Step 1: Pick the Right Location

The first thing you will need to do when you’re planning a chain link dog kennel is to find the right spot in your backyard or on your property.

Since chain-link dog kennel panels are rigid and don’t follow the ground like chain-link fence fabric does, you will need to find a place to put it that is level so that there are no gaps under the fence where your dogs can escape.

If you have dogs that dig, you might also want to select a place that has a dig-proof surface like paving or concrete, which is also easier to keep clean and can be hosed off.

Since it can get hot outdoors during the day, you probably also want to look for an area that has some kind of shade available, although you can also install roof panels or provide some kind of shade and shelter inside the dog run if it’s large enough.

Chain Link Dog Kennel Step 2: Measure

The next step you will need to do to build a chain link dog kennel is to measure the area that you have in mind for your dog.

Some manufacturers sell chain link dog kennel panels in standard sizes, but even if they are custom-made for your project, you will need to know all the sizes of your planned chain link dog kennel.

It’s always useful to create a sketch for your chain link dog run project, and don’t forget to specify the height and whether you’d like a roof or not. If your dog is a jumper or a climber, a higher chain link dog run or one with a roof panel might be a good idea.

Chain Link Dog Kennel Step 3: Buy Your Panels

The next thing you will need to do to complete your chain link dog kennel project is to buy the panels that you need to build it, and here, there are several options.

If you have a local chain link fence company that makes dog-run panels, you might want to buy the panels from them. This might take a little longer if they manufacture them to order, but that also means you’ll get the exact sizes you need for the job.

Another option is to look for second-hand construction fence panels for sale online that you can use to construct your dog run or outdoor dog kennel fence.

If you choose this option, you might need to budget for recovering the panels with chain link mesh or even welded mesh fabric, as construction fence panels are often damaged during use. Always look for second-hand construction fence panels that allow you to view and choose the panels you want for the same reason.

The final option for chain link dog run or dog kennel panels is to make them yourself, which you can do even without welding if you use premanufactured gate corners. Some of the products that might help you to build a chain link dog enclosure from scratch are listed below.

Chain Link Mesh

The most important part of a chain link mesh dog run panel is the mesh itself. Without it, all you've got is a frame!

Chain link mesh is usually sold in 50-foot rolls, so you should have more than enough chain link mesh fabric to complete a good-sized dog run.

screenshot 2024 04 30 at 12 47 26 amagabeli garden home 39inx50ft galvanized wire mesh roll hardware cloth fencing 11.5 gauge chain link fencing mesh poultry netting chicken wire tools home improvement

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Gate Corners

Yes, you're making chain link dog kennel panels, but if you don't have a welder or don't want to weld the corners of your panels, chain link gate corners are the perfect solution. This also allows you to make your panels whatever size you want them, so you're not restricted by the sizes manufacturers in your area offer.

These are usually sold in sets of four, and you will need one set per dog kennel panel.

 screenshot 2024 04 30 at 12 47 47 montxr 4 pack chain link fence gate corners for 1 3 8 x 1 3 8 for outdoor diameter pipe complete with 2 spare sets of steel nuts and bolts. aluminum gate elbows incl

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Dog Kennel Clamps

Whether you build your own panels or buy them, you will need clamps to hold them together.

These dog kennel clamps, also known as dog run clamps or sometimes just panel clamps, allow you to bolt your chain link dog kennel together quickly and easily.

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Chain Link Dog Kennel Step 4: Assemble on Site

The last step in creating a safe outdoor space for your dog or dogs is to assemble it all on site.

You might need some help to do this, but if you use panel clamps like the ones listed above, it’s quite easy to assemble all your panels in the location you’ve designated for your dog kennel. Most chain link gate hinges and gate hinges are also bolt on in North America, so if you’re adding a gate to your dog kennel enclosure, hanging it is quite simple too.

Chain Link Dog Kennel Step 5: Move Frequently

If you’re not putting your chain link dog kennel enclosure on concrete or paving that you can hose off, or on a special gravel pad to allow urine to drain away, you should plan to move your dog kennel around your backyard around once or twice a week, depending on how much time your dogs spend in the kennel enclosure.

Dog urine can turn grass yellow or even kill it completely surprisingly quickly, so if you want to protect your grass, you need to move the dog kennel area around to allow grass to recover.

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