Vinyl Fence Repair Kits: A Review

Vinyl Fence Repair Kits: A Review

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Vinyl fence is one of the most popular and fastest-growing fence options in North America, and it’s catching on in other parts of the world.

Vinyl fence looks great; it’s robust, fade-resistant requires very little maintenance and comes in a variety of great colors that are UV stabilised so they won’t fade. But even though vinyl fence rarely breaks without very hard impact of some kind, it’s very hard to repair. So, let’s take a look at what you can do in our vinyl fence repair kits review.

The Problem

Before we get to our vinyl fence repair kits review, we should discuss the problem with vinyl fence repairs and why this kit might very well be the right product for your fence.

While vinyl fence is very durable and has a lifespan measured in decades, that means that by the time you need a vinyl fence repair, the original company that installed it might not be around, the manufacturer might be out of business, or they might simply not make that product anymore.

Although most vinyl fence systems are similar, they’re not usually identical, which means the vinyl fence components from one manufacturer won’t work with the products from another.

This means that by the time you do need a vinyl fence repair, you might not be able to match the original fence.

Vinyl fence repairs that can be done with matching products can also be expensive because they often involve taking sections of your fence apart to replace a few components and then rebuilding those fence sections. A few hours to a day or two of labor to repair your fence can get expensive, and that might be the case even if the damage is only on one or two components.

The Product: Fence Daddy Vinyl Fence Repair Kit

The Fence Daddy Vinyl Fence Repair Kit is a vinyl fence repair product that is designed to fix your fence without having to take it apart.

It is available in several colors that match the most common vinyl fence color options, and it’s easy to use.

Here’s what you need to know.

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How Does the Fence Daddy Vinyl Fence Repair Kit Work?

If you’ve ever patched a hole in a wall, you already know how to use the fence daddy vinyl fence repair kit because it works pretty much exactly the same way.

This is a different compound, of course, but the principles are the same. You simply apply the Fence Daddy product to the damage on your fence, smooth it and let it dry, and then sand it as needed to give you a smooth, seamless finish.

Of course, it’s easier to repair cracks and small holes with this product, but as long as you can fill the hole, you can use the Fence Daddy Vinyl Fence Repair Kit to fix holes in your fence.

What Comes in The Kit?

Sometimes, when someone calls something a kit, you still need a whole lot of tools and equipment that don’t come with the rest of the kit. In this case, you get everything you need, from the compound itself to scrapers, rubber gloves and even the sandpaper you need to smooth everything over when you’re done.

What Does It Cost?

The cost of the Fence Daddy Vinyl Fence Repair Kit will vary depending on where you buy it, but you can expect to pay between $40 and $50 per kit.

When you consider that the average fence repair with minimum labor, even for something very simple, will be several hundred dollars, that’s a pretty good deal in our books!

Our Final Opinion of the Fence Daddy Vinyl Fence Repair Kit

We think that the Fence Daddy Vinyl Fence repair kit is a really smart product that is easy to use for minor damage to vinyl fences.

Of course, if your fence damage is extensive and you need to completely replace components, this won’t work, but for anything small and relatively simple, we think it’s a great buy.

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