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Board-on-Board Fence Material Calculator

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Board-on-board fence, or good neighbor fence as it's also known, is a wood fence design that has two layers of fence boards that are overlapped slightly on each edge.

Note that no slopes or gradients are accounted for.

Board-on-Board Fence Material Calculator

Enter your fence information below to calculate how much lumber and other fence materials you need to buy for your good neighbor or board-on-board fence.

You must enter at least one fence line length to use this board-on-board fence calculator, and please ensure that your fence lines are entered in linear feet. This board-on-board fence calculator is based on 8 foot wide panels.

You must use feet for this calculator. Enter dimensions in numbers only!


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Fence Lines

Enter a numerical value for each fence line length only - you do not need to include a unit of measure. You must enter a number in the first fence line length to use the calculator, but the other lines are all optional.

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