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Palisade Fence Material Calculator

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Palisade fence is often used for projects that require a little more security. It's durable and hard wearing and the many different component configuration options make this a versatile fence option.

The palisade fence material calculator below will help you to calculate how much fence material you need for your project. It is based on a typical palisade specification using IPE or I beam posts, but you can adjust for square posts and brackets if you choose that instead. Panels are 3m or 10 feet wide, and each panel includes 17 pales. Again, if your specifications differ from this, adjust accordingly

Note that no slopes or gradients are accounted for.

Palisade Fence Material Calculator

Enter your fence information below to calculate how many palisade fence rails, pales, anti sags, posts, fishplates and bolts you will need for your job.

You must enter at least one fence line length to use this calculator, and please ensure that you choose the correct unit for your measurements.

You can use feet or meters for your dimensions, but you must use the same unit throughout and the one you have selected. Enter dimensions in numbers only!


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Fence Lines

Enter a numerical value for each fence line length only - you do not need to include a unit of measure. You must enter a number in the first fence line length to use the calculator, but the other lines are all optional.

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