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Vinyl Fence Material Calculator

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Vinyl fence is a very popular privacy fence option - especially in North America. If you want to install a vinyl fence and are looking for an easy to use material take off calculator, you're in the right place!

The vinyl fence material calculator below will help you to calculate how much fence material you need for your project, however, remember that some of these items are optional and installation based.

Note that no slopes or gradients are accounted for.

Vinyl Fence Material Calculator

Enter your fence information below to calculate how many vinyl fence components you will need to order for your fence project.

You must enter at least one fence line length to use this calculator, and please ensure that whatever measurement you use for the panel width in feet, you use the same for your fence lines.

You must use feet for your dimensions for this calculator. Enter dimensions in numbers only!


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Fence Lines

Enter a numerical value for each fence line length only - you do not need to include a unit of measure. You must enter a number in the first fence line length to use the calculator, but the other lines are all optional.

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