Nail on insulators

Nail on insulators

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Nail on insulators are one of the most commonly used types of electric fence insulators.

As the name suggests, the main function of an insulator is to insulate between the live electric fence wires and the fence structure they are mounted on. This prevents the electric fence structure from becoming live, and prevents shorts that would lower the efficacy of your electric fence.

Nail on insulators are usually made from plastic or nylon, which are non conductive materials, and although they are called nail on insulators, they can be nailed onto wood posts or screwed or riveted onto steel or other types of posts.

Most nail on insulators are made from UV resistant materials, so they don't become brittle or discolor from the sun, and you will need one nail on electric fence insulator per electric fence wire, per line post or intermediate post.

It's very easy to install wire through a nail on insulator, and most just have opposing hooks that you can weave the wire through as you go.

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