How Much Does Razor Wire Cost?

How Much Does Razor Wire Cost?

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If you’re looking for options to increase the security of any fence, adding razor wire is certainly a good idea. You might very well be wondering how much does razor wire cost.

We’ve got all the information you need to be broken down here to answer the question of how much does razor wire cost and help you to make informed decisions.

Buying Small Quantities of Razor wire

You can buy small quantities of razor wire. In fact, you can buy standard 18” or 450mm diameter galvanized razor coils on Amazon. These coils cost around $105.99 as of January 2023, and that’s for 250 feet of razor coils.

Assuming you use all 250 linear feet of razor coils, that’s a cost of fewer than 50 cents per foot for the coils themselves. Of course, you still need to add shipping costs and so on, but as you can see, the razor coils themselves are not very expensive.

Buy Razor Coils on Amazon

Buying Large Quantities of Razor Wire – Or Specific Types of Razor Wire

Of course, it’s not feasible for everyone to buy their razor coils from Amazon. Maybe you need a much larger quantity, or maybe you want a different-size coil. There are even different barb types and coils that are made out of stainless steel. So there are a lot of options and possibilities to consider outside of standard galvanized razor coils!

In this case, it’s better to find a razor wire manufacturer, locally or abroad, and ask them for the landed cost for the coils you need to purchase. This should include all the shipping and customs charges related to the coils and will allow you to calculate how much your razor wire will cost accurately.

Other Razor Wire Materials

There are several ways to install razor wire on top of walls or fences, and they will all require additional materials. Depending on how you plan to install your razor coils, you might need some or all of the following:

  • Extension or overhang brackets – these can be attached to the top of a fence post, or they might be standalone brackets that can be bolted to a wall
  • Barbed or smooth wire if you plan to install on your brackets, so you have something to tie your coils to
  • Tie wires or twist ties – you will need these whether you install your razor coils on an extension or tied directly to the top of the fence

Most of these items don’t cost a lot of money, but they will certainly add to the cost of your razor wire.

Razor Wire Installation Costs

The last thing you need to factor into your razor wire costs is what the labor is likely to cost you.

Razor wire can be very dangerous to install if you don’t know what you are doing, and this is not something you can take on as a DIY project.

Whoever does install your razor wire will need to have gloves and other protective equipment, and they will probably be working on ladders all day. Typically, even experienced installers can only do about 150 feet of razor coil installation per day, so the labor is often the most expensive part of the job.

Our Verdict?

Razor wire is one of the best low-tech ways to add more security to your perimeter. They are also one of the more cost-effective options.

Be sure to check if you are allowed to install razor wire in your area, though. Many cities and areas don’t allow razor wire installation or only allow it with a special permit.

We hope you know enough about how much razor wire is likely to cost you to make the right decision for your perimeter security upgrade.

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