How to Design an Anti Climb High Security Fence

How to Design an Anti Climb High Security Fence

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Very often, people who aren’t in the fence industry think that there’s just one kind of fence of each type. So, they might assume that one chain link fence is the same as another. Very often, they think that they can just say they want an anti climb high security fence, and everyone will know exactly what they mean.

Unfortunately, that’s not true. An anti climb high security fence could be 358 mesh, mini chain link mesh, heavy duty palisade fence or something else. So, what makes an anti climb high security fence, and how do you design one? Let’s take a look.

Start with Height

One of the traits that you will find in every anti climb high security fence is that they are much higher than your standard fence systems.

Instead of 1.8m or 6 foot, they’re usually at least 2.4m or 8 foot, and often taller, at 3m, 3.6m or even more. So, if you’re designing an anti climb high security fence, you’re probably looking at a fence system that will be 10’ tall, or even 14’ tall.

Choose Something That’s Hard to Get a Fingerhold On

Many anti climb high security fence systems are made with mesh, but this is not your ordinary chain link mesh.

Firstly, the wire that anti climb fence mesh is made of is usually much thicker and heavier. The mesh aperture – which is the space between the wires – is also much smaller. This is done so that it’s hard to get a fingerhold on the mesh, and so that you can’t get tools in to easily cut the wires.

Some anti climb high security fence systems might be palisade or something similar, but remember that bolts are always a weak point, and bars can be opened quite easily with a car jack. So additional security measures are usually needed.

Add An Overhang

Climbing a high fence is hard but climbing one that is angled towards you is a lot harder.

This is why many anti climb fence systems have overhangs, and some are even curved towards the “attack side.” This means that people who are trying to climb them have to hang off the fence to get over this additional obstacle, and that makes it even harder to get over the top.

Don’t Forget Barbed and Razor wire

Another common feature of anti climb high security fence systems is that they usually have barbed and razor wire along the top, either on an overhang or tied directly to the top of the fence.

Again, this makes it harder for anyone who is trying to get over the fence and takes more time. Good high security fences not only make it hard to climb but gives anyone protecting the site more time to take action.

Look Down

If you are designing a high security anti climb fence, it’s crucial that you don’t forget to secure the bottom of the fence.

There’s no point having an extra high fence that is hard to climb when anyone can dig under it!

Consider buried mesh, concrete slabs or beams or other underground security measures to make sure you don’t have an easy weak point on your high security anti climb fence.

Incorporate Technology

A good anti climb high security fence will significantly slow down anyone who wants to climb it. But that only matters if someone is around to respond. It doesn’t matter if it takes an hour to climb a fence if no one comes to stop you!

This is why so many high security anti climb fences are combined with monitored electronic security like taut wire systems, monitored electric fences and microphonic fence detection systems. This lets a security team identify a breach, find it fast, and respond appropriately.

Many high security sites like prisons and military bases also incorporate lighting and cameras, so security teams can view sections of the fence line when they suspect a breach attempt.

Don’t Take Anyone’s Word for It

The truth is, there’s no industry wide standard when it comes to anti climb high security fence. Anyone can manufacture a fence and call it an anti climb product. Don’t believe every brochure that you read.

Ask to see samples of any anti climb fence systems you’re considering. If possible, watch a demo of people actually trying to climb the fence. Visit other sites where similar fencing is installed, so you can look at it in person, and identify any weak points.

Is There Any Fence That Can’t Be Climbed?

No. Many people ask if there is any anti climb high security fence system that can’t be climbed or breached, and there just isn’t.

Any fence or wall for that matter can be climbed or breached if someone has the will, time and tools needed. The point is to make it less attractive to try, and to slow anyone who does try enough so you have time to stop them.