How to Cut 358 Prison Mesh

How to Cut 358 Prison Mesh

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If you know something about high-security fence systems, then you will know that 358 mesh, or prison mesh, as it’s also known, is designed to be an anti-climb, anti-cut high-security fence solution.

That’s good news for the site you want to secure, but it’s not great news if you have to cut panels to fit for your project. So, let’s take a look at some of the ways you can cut 358 prison mesh.

How NOT to Cut 358 Mesh Panels

Before we get into your options for cutting 358 mesh panels, we first need to go over what you should avoid.

358 mesh panels are designed to be an anti-cut fence system. That means that they can’t be cut with handheld tools, purely because you can’t get those tools between the wires of the panel. So, if you thought you could cut your 358 welded mesh panels with those tools, you need a new plan!

How to Cut 358 mesh in the Shop

If you have a metal shop at your disposal, then there are probably a few machines on the shop floor that can cut your 358 prison mesh for you and give you a neat and clean result.

A foot-operated shear machine or even a heavy-duty metal shop guillotine could both be used to cut your 358 mesh panels. Just be sure to always “measure twice and cut once.” You don’t want to waste panels by cutting them wrong.

How to Cut 358 mesh on Site


Unfortunately, when you’re installing high-security fences, you don’t always have access to a fully equipped metal fabrication shop to cut your panels, so you might need to cut your 358 mesh panels on-site. There are a few ways you can do this.

A grinder with a cutting disk is probably the most effective and easiest way to cut your 358 mesh panels on site. Just make sure you’re cutting safely, that your panels are properly secured before you start, and that you are using proper PPE.

If your grinder binds, the disk could shatter, the panels could move, or something else could go wrong, and that could result in serious injuries, so always put safety first!

If you don’t need a cut that is as precise, you could also use a cutting torch to cut your 358 prison mesh panels on site. This is much quicker, and since there’s no contact between the torch and the panel, there’s no chance anything will bind. You will have to do this in an area where there’s nothing that can catch fire or scorch, though!

Of the two methods mentioned here, using a grinder and a cutting disk will usually give a better result, and it’s recommended if you need to cut many panels.

Before You Cut 358 Prison Mesh Fence Panels

Now that you know how to cut 358 prison mesh fence panels, you need to think about how the panels attach to your posts.

Many systems require a bracket, cover strip, or fitting to catch the vertical wires of your panels, so if you are going to cut your 358 panels very close to the vertical wire on one side, you might render the panel uninstallable with that method.

It’s always a good idea to measure what the panel size needs to be and then see where that falls on the panel with respect to the vertical wires. If it’s not in the right spot to facilitate installation, you might want to cut half off both sides of your panel, if that will allow you to install it properly.

It’s also a good idea to leave all your “cuttings” or shorter panels to the end of the project so you can take all the measurements and do all the cutting at the same time. It takes time to set up for and cut 358 mesh panels, so you’ll save time (and money) cutting them all at the same time.

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