How to Find a Commercial Fence Company Near Me

How to Find a Commercial Fence Company Near Me

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The term commercial fence company is quite broad and could describe many types of fence companies, including high-security fence companies, agricultural fence companies, security fence specialists and even gate and gate automation companies.

These kinds of fence companies usually undertake larger, more complex projects that typically take a lot longer to complete. They also require fence companies with well-documented health and safety, environmental and quality management processes and might require special types of clearance or accreditation. Here are a few tips to help you find a commercial fence company near you.

1. Search Our Fence Directory

The Fencepedia fence directory is constantly growing as we add more fence companies. Many of these companies do offer commercial fencing services, and because you can search by company name, location, speciality and more, it’s an easier way to find the fence services you need.

2. Search Online

Most good commercial fence companies advertise on search engines, so if you want to search for them online, you will probably find plenty.

Narrow your search down by specifying the type of fence you want and the city or area you want it installed in.

3. Chambers of Commerce Directories

Many larger commercial fence companies are members of the chamber of commerce in their city or region, and this can be a good place to find reputable companies in your area. Never skip the due diligence, though – always ask for references and read reviews online before you make your shortlist!

4. Local Construction Associations

Another great place to find commercial fence companies near you is to look at the members of local construction associations. Most of these will have a special category for gates and fences, so it’s easy to find the companies you need to add to your list of potential fence companies.

5. Manufacturer’s Websites

If you are looking for a fence company near you that installs a particular fence or gate product, the manufacturer’s website is usually a great place to start looking.

Many fence and gate product manufacturers have lists of approved installers on their websites, and this can help you to find the companies that are approved to install the fence you want.

6. Construction Site Signage

Usually, when contractors are working on large projects, they will put up signage with their company information on it, as well as any other contractors involved in the project.

If you drive around the city or area you are looking for a fence company in, you should see at least a few of those signs, and as an added bonus, if the fence is already installed, you can have a first-hand example of the company’s workmanship.

7. Ask Your Network

Whether it’s at an in-person networking event or on a site like LinkedIn, asking people you know and trust in your industry for commercial fence company recommendations is a great way to find good fence installers in your area.

8. Look on Bid Sites

Many larger commercial fence companies bid on projects that are advertised on public bidding sites, and often, there’s a list of companies that have expressed interest in the different bids.

Search for projects that are similar to the one you are planning and contact the fence companies listed there.

Questions to Ask Your Shortlisted Commercial Fence Companies

We hope this list of ideas about how to find a commercial fence company near me helps you to shorten the search and narrow your options.

Once you do have a list of contractors and fence companies that you want to ask for a quote, be sure to ask for additional information too, such as:

  • How much experience they have with the type of fence or gate you need
  • How long they have been in business
  • Whether they can get the job done within your required contract period
  • Whether they have the necessary clearances for your job site
  • Whether they have the health and safety, quality and environmental management systems your project requires
  • How full their order book is (capacity is important!)
  • A list of contactable references for similar projects

All of these things should be considered in conjunction with any quotes you get. When it comes to successfully completing commercial fence projects, whether they’re high-security fences, electric fences, agricultural fences or gates and automation, there’s a lot more to it than just who gives you the lowest price.

Always take your time choosing a commercial fence company, so you can be sure you’ll get the quality, workmanship and after-sales service you need.

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