What Kind of Fence Company Do You Need, and How to Find Them Online

What Kind of Fence Company Do You Need, and How to Find Them Online

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When you first start looking for a fence company to install your fence, you might think it’s fairly simple. Search online, contact a few, get some quotes, and you’re good.

However, there are actually many different types of fence company, so you might want to add some info to that “fence company near me” search string! Here’s what you need to know and how to choose the right fence company for your project.

Why Does It Matter What Kind of Fence Company You Choose?

There are several reasons why it matters what kind of fence company you choose.

First, and most importantly, there’s experience. You want someone who knows how to install the type of fence you want and has experience with the type of project you have.

Then there’s cost. Different fence companies are set up for different types of jobs. It costs a lot more for some to mobilize to the site, so they’re not competitively priced on smaller jobs. At the same time, they have tools and equipment that smaller companies don’t have, which allows them to get work done faster. That makes them cheaper on larger products.

You also want to look for fence companies that are authorized dealers or installers. Sometimes, fence manufacturers require fence companies to undergo special training before they are certified to install their products. If you’re installing that kind of fence or equipment, you need to ensure that you work with a trained and qualified fence company.

There are many other reasons why it matters what fence company you choose, from warranties to after-sales service and more. Now let’s look at some of the ways fence companies differ.

Different Fence Companies Install Different Types of Fences

You might think that you can call any fence company and get a price to install any type of fence, but that’s not true. There are many fence companies that specialize in one or more types of fencing and only do those kinds of fence projects.

Some examples might be chain link only fence companies, wood fence companies or vinyl fence companies. There are some fence companies that only install corrugated metal fences, ornamental fences or high-security fence systems and those that specialize in electric fences.

So the first thing you need to know when you’re looking for a fence company is to decide what kind of fence you want. It’s a good idea to add this to your search so that it looks like “chain link fence company near me.” This will help to ensure you’re contacting the right people.

Different Fence Companies Do Different Types of Projects

Another big factor when choosing a fence company is to choose one that does the kind of job you have. There are several different types of fence project, such as:

  • Residential fences, which are installed around homes and backyards – these are the simplest fence projects, and they’re usually quick and require very little formal construction management
  • Commercial fences, which are projects that are around commercial properties or larger housing developments – they’re larger, but still fairly simple and don’t require special training or clearance etc.
  • Industrial fence projects are usually done around large factories or processing facilities, oil fields, power generation and so on – they’re usually more complex fences, and the companies that do these kinds of fence projects need special training, equipment and experience to work on these sites
  • Institutional fence projects are usually around facilities like prisons, military bases or mental hospitals – they usually require special clearances, and they’re usually higher security fence systems
  • Integrated perimeter security projects go beyond fences, and include things like cameras, lighting and monitoring equipment

As you can imagine, fence companies that specialize in one of these areas are just not geared for the other types of installation. They will probably tell you that the first time you call, but if you don’t put them on your shortlist, you can save yourself the time.

In this case, when you’re searching for fence companies near me, add the type of project to the search string – so you’d have “residential fence companies near me” or “integrated perimeter security fence company near me” instead.

Different Fence Companies Install Different Products

If you are looking for a fence company that can install a particular brand name fence product, the best place to start your search is often with the manufacturer of that product.

Many fence manufacturers have a list of authorized dealers and installers, either on their website or available via their sales team on request.

You can also try searching online, adding the name of the product to the search term, such as
“Ameristar fence company near me” or “Westech vinyl fence company near me.” Most fence companies that do install these kinds of brand name products will mention it on their website, so you can often find them quite easily online.

Finding Fence Companies That Offer Financing

Another common thing that fence customers and consumers are looking for are financing options for their new fence.

Many commercial and industrial fence companies will offer commercial credit to their customers provided they pass a credit check. They usually also progress bill their projects, so customers will pay for whatever work has been done up to the progress billing cut off date.

Residential fence companies do not always offer financing, although many have become affiliated with commercial retail financing companies.

If you’re looking for a fence company that offers to finance, be sure to add the words fence financing to your search for fence companies near me.

The Right Fence Company Usually Means Better Results and More Competitive Pricing

It might seem like a lot of work to find the right kind of fence company, but it really does make sense to do this before you even start calling or emailing to request a quote.

Most good fence companies prefer to stay in their lane, so if you ask them for something that is outside of their usual scope of work, they’re unlikely to give you a quote anyway.

Fence companies that do quote things that they usually don’t do tend to have pricing that’s either much higher than your other quotes or much lower – which is not a good thing because it usually means they’ve forgotten something!

Find a fence company that is the right fit for your project, and you will almost certainly get better results and spend less over the course of the project.

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