Is An Aluminum Security Fence a Good Idea?

Is An Aluminum Security Fence a Good Idea?

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If you have a property in an area that has a corrosive atmosphere, like near the ocean, there’s a good chance you might be considering an aluminum fence because it doesn’t rust like steel fences do.

However, if you also need an element of security in your fencing, you might be concerned whether aluminum fence offers the required level of protection you need. Here’s what you need to know.

Every Fence Has Vulnerabilities

Before we get into the specifics of whether an aluminum security fence is a good idea or not, it’s important to note that every single fence out there has some kind of vulnerability. The same goes for every wall. In fact, even if you had a manned castle wall, there would be a way to breach it.

Security fences are not designed to be impervious. They’re designed to act as a deterrent, to discourage opportunistic criminals from entering a property, and as a barrier, with the goal of slowing anyone who does try down.

The Problem with aluminum Security Fences

Now that we’ve established that every fence can be breached, there is one specific problem that an aluminum fence has that makes it less secure than a similar fence in steel.

That is, aluminum is a softer metal than steel. That means that even if the fence you’re having installed has the same wall thickness or diameter as a steel fence, your aluminum fence will be easier to bend or cut than the steel fence alternative.

This is also the reason that we have structural steel, but you don’t usually see structural aluminum. It just doesn’t have the same kind of strength that a steel fence or iron fence will.

Aluminum fences are easier to cut than steel fences, and if you choose an aluminum ornamental fence, it’s a lot easier to pry or even jack the bars apart than it would be with a steel fence.

That being said, since any fence can be breached by someone determined to do so, all you’re really talking about is the time it will take. So, if an aluminum fence checks all your other boxes, you might just need to figure out how to make your chosen aluminum fence more secure.

How to Make Aluminum Fences More Secure

The good news about aluminum security fences (and any other fence, for that matter) is that you’re not limited simply to the fence itself.

In fact, these days, many security fences are what we call integrated perimeter security systems, which means we add other kinds of equipment to the fence to add security.

These systems might include things like outdoor infrared beams or a fence detection system that provides an early warning that someone has cut, climbed, or otherwise breached the fence. Often, these systems are linked directly to a burglar alarm system, which means you will know as soon as this happens and can take appropriate action.

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Always Choose Professional Fence Design

If you are planning to install an aluminum security fence, or any security fence for that matter, the best thing you can do is to work with a fence company that specializes in higher security fencing.

Many residential fence companies don’t have the experience to successfully design a security fence that will get the job done. They also might not be equipped to recommend add-on systems that can increase the security of an aluminum fence.

Creating a perimeter security fence is a lot trickier than it seems, and the last thing you want is to invest in a fence that you think will get the job done only to find that you need to add more features, beef it up, or even switch it for a different type of fence because it’s just not doing the job.

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