How Is Chain Link Mesh Size Measured?

How Is Chain Link Mesh Size Measured?

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Chain link mesh, or diamond mesh as it is known in some parts of the world, is the most popular type of fence in the world.

Although there are some places, where security needs are higher, where chain link fence is not used often, it's ubiquitous in North America, Europe and other parts of the world. If you've ever wondered how is chain link mesh size measured, you're in the right place! Here's what you need to know.

The Chain Link Mesh Specifying Formula

Chain link mesh is usually specified in a specific way: there's a height, an aperture size and a wire diameter.

So your specification might be something like 6' high, 2 x 2", 9 gauge chain link mesh if you're in America or Canada. In South Africa or Australia, the same mesh might be specified as 1.8m high, 50 x 50mm, 3mm diameter diamond mesh. They're basically the same product, but it's just written slightly differently.

So What Do you Need to Know to Specify Chain Link Mesh?

If you're trying to specify the mesh for a chain link mesh fence, you need to know how high the fence needs to be, as well as the size of the aperture or opening, and then the diameter of the wire that it will be woven out of.

Some of the other things that you might specify with your chain link mesh specification are the finish and the material it should be made of, but those things aren't specific to the dimensions or measurements of chain link mesh or diamond mesh.