What Is a Cattle Panel?

What Is a Cattle Panel?

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If you’re looking for agricultural fence solutions, there’s a good chance that you will have run into the term cattle panel.

However, there’s more than one type of cattle panel, so let’s look at what types of cattle panels are out there, and how and where they might be used.

Two Types of Cattle Panel

There are two basic types of cattle panels, which are used for slightly different things.

First, there’s a type of welded mesh panel that is called a cattle panel. It’s fairlyheavy-dutyy, galvanised and fairly corrosion resistant. It’s usually attached to other panels or to a fence structure with special clips, but it is also sometimes used in gardens as a trellis for climbing plants and similar.

The second type of cattle panel is manufactured from tubing. It usually has four or five horizontal tubing bar, and a few vertical supports. These panels are usually attached to each other using special clips or hooks, and there are different size and shape panels.

What Are Cattle Panels Used for?

As we’ve mentioned above, wire mesh cattle panels are often used for something other than cattle, however, they can also be used to create semi permanent fence enclosures for cattle and other large animals. They can also be attached to another fence like split rail fencing to make it more secure for various kinds of animals.

Cattle panels that are made from steel tubing are usually used to create temporary corrals for cattle, often when they’re being vaccinated, inspected by veterinarians or for transport. Various panel configurations can be added together to create the right shape pen, and to build various corridors, often with gates that can act as an “air lock” for one cow at a time.

What Are the Advantages of wire Mesh Cattle Panels?

Welded wire mesh cattle panels are manufactured from much thicker than normal wire – often about 4 gauge wire. This is almost like a rod, rather than wire, which makes these panels very rigid and durable. It’s great for livestock, but also has many other uses on farms and for residential properties.

What Are the Advantages of Tubular Cattle Panels?

Tubular cattle panels are completely portable, which means they can be set up anywhere they are needed, when they are needed, and then stacked and stored when they’re not.

These cattle panels, when installed correctly, create a secure holding area for cattle and other livestock, and they’re an invaluable addition to farms and rural properties.

Where Can You Buy Cattle Panels?

If you’re looking for cattle panels, the best places to start your search is usually a hardware store or an agricultural co-op. These places will usually either have cattle panels in stock, or they will know where to get them.

You can also look online to find cattle panel manufacturers in your area, and sometimes, there are second-hand cattle panels available on online classifieds and similar sites. So, it really depends how many cattle panels you need and what you plan to use them for.

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