Why Do They Call 358 Mesh Prison Fence?

Why Do They Call 358 Mesh Prison Fence?

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If you’ve been researching high-security fence systems, you’ve probably wondered why they call 358 mesh prison fence.

The good news is that this type of fence is not only used for prisons. It can be used in any setting where high-security fencing is required, but here’s why they call 358 mesh prison fence.

Hard to Cut

The first reason some people call 358 mesh prison fence is that it’s very hard to cut. That’s one of the requirements for any fence around a prison or any high-security facility where you need an effective barrier.

358 mesh is not only made from thick wire, but the aperture size also makes it almost impossible to get the leverage needed to cut the mesh with any hand tool.

So, while you can cut a 358 mesh fence with a grinder and other types of power tools, you can’t do it quietly or without a lot of sparks to alert your guards!

Hard to Climb

Another reason many people call 358 mesh prison fence is that it’s hard to climb, for the same reason.

The apertures of 358 mesh panels are too small to get any kind of fingerhold, so it’s impossible to climb the fence itself without ladders or ropes.

Most 358 mesh prison fences are also topped with serrated comb, razor coils or electric fence, so even if someone does get to the top of the fence, they will have a hard time getting over.

Finally, many 358 mesh prison fences are bowed or curved inwards, which means that you not only have to climb the fence, but you also have to defy gravity to get to the top of the panel, which acts as its own overhang.

Very Heavy

358 mesh is a very heavy mesh panel. In fact, it weighs about 10 kilograms or 22 lbs per square meter, or per 10.76 square feet.

Since the average panel is at least 3 x 3m, or at least 9 square meters, that means that each panel would weigh upwards of 90kgs or nearly 200 lbs. That’s before you add any of the steel structure to the weight of the fence.

This type of heavy-weight fencing is naturally vehicle resistant, and in most cases, if you were to drive into a 358 mesh prison fence, you would not be driving the same vehicle away.

Still Has Visibility

Even though a 358 mesh prison fence is about as close as you can get to building a steel wall, it still offers good visibility from most angles, which allows CCTV camera systems and human guards to see what’s happening on both sides of the fence at the same time.

Slows Down and Deters

358 mesh might not only be used for prison fences, but it is perfectly suited to the job.

This kind of fencing does exactly what you want it to do in a setting like this. Slows down any breach attempts dramatically until a security team can respond and deter attempts because it’s simply so hard to get over or through.

So, if you have a very high-security site and you need as close to an impenetrable fence as you can get, a 358 mesh fence combined with electronic monitoring is probably as close as you can get.

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