6 Surprising Ways to Use Temporary Fence Panels

6 Surprising Ways to Use Temporary Fence Panels

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If you’re scouring the web for temporary fence panels for sale, you probably already have a job site or event you want to secure. Those are some of the most common ways that temporary fence panels are used.

However, there are a few surprising ways to use temporary fence panels that you might not have thought of. Here are a few ideas to use this fast and affordable type of fence.

First, Find Temporary Fence Panels for Sale


Many companies that offer temporary fence panels don’t sell them to customers, so you might have to do a little searching to find temporary fence panels for sale in your area.

If you’re in North America, you can often find them on social media marketplaces or online classified ads.

However, those panels are often used and close to worn out panels being sold by temporary fence rental companies. If you’re looking for new temporary fence panels for sale and you only need a few, you can buy them on sites like Amazon and get them delivered fairly quickly.

1. Turn Them into Gates


The first surprising way we have to use temporary fence panels is to turn them into gates.

If you already have fence posts in place (or even a wall you can bolt a flat back hinge onto), you can use ordinary chain link gate frame hinges and gate post hinges to turn your temporary fence panels into swing gates.

You can do this with one panel for a single swing gate, or if you need a bigger opening, you can use two to create a double swing gate. Use a fork latch or a simple chain and padlock to secure.

2. Build a Dog Run


Yes, a lot of fence companies do sell dog-run panels, but they’re often made to order, and they’re not that cheap. So it takes longer to get them, and you might pay more.

The good news is that you can turn temporary fence panels into a dog run, too, simply by adding panel clamps to your temporary fence panels.

Dog run panel clamps are super easy to use too. Simply remove the bolt in the middle, put one-half of the clamp on each side of the two panel uprights, the other half on the other side with the uprights sandwiched between, and bolt in place again.

3. Protect Your Veggies

Veggie gardens are a great way to turn a small space in your backyard into an urban farm to grow your own food, but if you live in an area that has deer, you might find that your veggies become deer snacks rather than making their way into your kitchen.

A temporary fence panel hinged onto short wood fence posts on one side and resting on matching wood fence posts on the other side is a great way to keep deer at bay!

4. An Easy Structure for Creepers

Whether you want to grow ivy, climbing roses or tomatoes, there are plenty of plants that need a structure to climb on, and temporary fence panels are perfect.

If you do cover them with a climbing plant like ivy, you can even turn a simple chain link temporary fence panel into a beautiful feature for your garden. Think of it as a living privacy screen!

5. Temporary Pool Fencing

If you normally don’t have pets and small children visiting or living at your home, you might not have adequate protection around pools or hot tubs.

If you are going to have either of these visiting your home, a few well-placed temporary fence panels can serve as a temporary pool fence to keep them out of places that aren’t safe. Just make sure that the panels are close enough together and that they are securely fitted into the foot pieces, and even with temporary pool fencing in your backyard, don’t ever leave kids or pets unattended near pools or hot tubs!

6. A Garage Separator

The final surprising use we have for temporary fence panels is as a separator in your garage. This is particularly useful if you use part of your garage as a workspace, and it can even double as storage for lightweight tools and equipment if you add s-hooks for hanging items on the fence.

Affordable, Durable, and Easy to Install

We hope you liked these tips about how you can use temporary fence panels in surprising ways around your house. There are sure to be plenty of other ideas you can think of! Temporary fence panels are affordable, durable, and easy to install, and they’re good for so much more than construction sites and events!

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