Can Fence Posts Rot In Concrete?

Can Fence Posts Rot In Concrete?

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Many people ask the question "can fence posts rot in concrete." The answer is yes. Wooden posts can rot, and metal posts can rust. Here's why it happens and what you can do to prevent it.

Why Do Fence Posts Rot In concrete?

The most common reason fence posts rot in concrete is that there is standing water around them. This could be because of poor drainage, lots of rainfall or something else, but if there's enough water and it's there for long enough, it will start to rot wooden posts and corrode metal.

When you're planning a fence project, try to visit the fence line during the wet season, so you can see what the drainage in the area is. Moving your fence line a few feet or a meter might be all it takes to avoid this problem.

Why Is This a Big Problem?

One reason why this is a big problem is that you might not notice that the posts are rotting until your fence collapses.

Another problem is that the posts themselves can't be used to pull the concrete out bases out of the ground. So it's a lot harder to remove the fence when you want to replace it. In this case, you really do want to prevent the problem, and if that's not possible, catch it early, so you can make changes before your fence posts are too far gone.

How to Prevent Posts Rotting in Concrete

The good news is that there are several things you can do to make sure your posts don't rot or rust inside their concrete footings, including:

  • Treat the bottom of posts with a bitumen based product, or, on metal posts, use a high quality industrial anti corrosion paint product
  • Dome the top of your concrete bases, so that water runs away from the post whenever possible
  • If you're installing a fence in a place where the ground does not freeze, place the post on the dirt at the bottom of the hole so that it can drain, and then cast concrete around it

It's always a good idea to do regular inspections and preventative maintenance on your fence - no matter what kind it is. If you catch problems like posts that are rotting or rusting in concrete, there might be things you can do to solve the problem before it gets beyond the point of no return.