How Far Apart Are Chain Link Fence Posts?

How Far Apart Are Chain Link Fence Posts?

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Whether you’re a homeowner or an architect, if you’re not a fence expert, there’s a good chance you might wonder how far apart chain link fence posts are typically.

This is a common question, so let’s take a closer look at chain link fence post spacing.

What Does It Mean to Say “Typical Fence Post Spacing?”

Let’s start with a disclaimer. Whenever we say “typical” in the fence business, it means that it’s the norm for an average fence. As a fence estimator, this would be what you would do on a sunny day, on a clear and level fence line, with a fence that conforms exactly to a standard specification.

However, it’s important to note that very few fences are standard and that there are always little variations that are required to deliver the best result.

What IS Typical Chain Link Fence Spacing?

The typical spacing for chain link fence posts or diamond mesh fence posts (depending on where you are reading this) is 10 feet or 3 meters. This is always measured from center to center on the fence posts, which you might see notated as c/c or o/c for “on center” on fence design drawings.

When Would Chain Link Fence Post Spacing Differ from the Norm?

Now that you know what the typical spacing of fence posts is, it’s worth considering when this dimension might change. There are several times when chain link fence post spacing might need to change, including:

  • If you will be installing a metal panel of some sort on the fence or something else that will catch the wind – when you add wind load to a chain link fence, the design needs to change!
  • If it’s a short fence run, and the spacing doesn’t work out perfectly – short runs of chain link fence runs would look weird and unbalanced if you had a few sections of ten feet and one section of, for instance, three feet. Good chain link fence contractors will space posts on these types of fence runs evenly so it is visually balanced.
  • When there is something in the way of the fence line. Whether it’s a manhole, underground cables, a large rock or something else, sometimes, physical elements on the fence line mean that chain link fence post spacing needs to change. This will usually save the client time and money, so it’s worth considering the change!

Every fence project is different, so there might be other reasons why your standard chain link fence post spacing needs to change. If you’re dealing with a professional fence contractor who specializes in chain link fencing, they will be able to explain why this needs to happen and what your options are.

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