How to Create a Simple Removable Fence Post for Non-Snowy Areas

How to Create a Simple Removable Fence Post for Non-Snowy Areas

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There are many reasons why you might want a removable fence post. Maybe you need to have a section of demountable fence. Maybe you need to use it as a bollard to keep unauthorized traffic out of an area.

Whatever your reason for needing a removable fence post, this simple design should work for most lower security areas that don’t get snow and ice in the winter. Here’s what you need to know about this design and how to modify it as needed.

Why Is This Removable Fence Post Only for Non-Snowy Areas?

You might be wondering why this removable fence post design is only for areas that don’t get snow and ice.

The answer is that when water gets into any kind of fence post and freezes, it expands and can crack the fence post. Which means that if you were to use this design for a removable fence post for a snowy area, you would probably have to replace it every winter.

We will share an alternative removable fence post design that you can use in colder climates soon, so be sure to follow our blog or social media pages to get the latest updates!

Why Manufacture Your Own Removable Fence Post?

There are several options for removable fence posts on the market, and one of them might well meet your needs. However, commercial options are often more expensive, more complex and have a longer lead time. So, if you just need a simple, fast solution, it’s sometimes better to manufacture it yourself.

Removable Fence Post Sleeves

The simplest way to create a removable fence post in areas that don’t get snow and ice in winter is to cast a sleeve into the ground and then use that sleeve to house the post when it’s in position.

As you will note from the sketch we’ve provided, our version of a sleeve has a pre-welded base plate. There are several reasons for this.

First, it’s easier to install your sleeve plumb and level (which is essential) if you have a sturdy base for your sleeve post. It also makes it virtually impossible to pull your sleeve post out of the ground once the concrete around it is set.

If you are installing your fence in a high rainfall area, you can also set this baseplate on a bed of gravel that will offer better drainage and allow water that does get into the sleeve post to drain away.

It’s very important that you don’t fill the center of your sleeve with concrete or gravel, though because this is where you will set your removable fence post when it’s in position.

Because your removable fence post sleeve will be subject to the elements, we recommend you go with hot dip galvanized steel and possibly use a high-quality anti-corrosive paint before you place it. This will help to protect the sleeve from corrosion from water.

Make sure that the inside diameter of your removable fence post sleeve is slightly bigger than the outside diameter of your fence post – but not too much! You want the fence post to slide in easily, but you don’t want so much room that it rattles around.

Your Fence Post

The fence post options for a removable post like this are nearly endless. You could use this as a fence post for demountable panels or as a bollard. You can make your post any size you like as long as you can find the right size pipe for your sleeve too, and you can make your removable fence post any height you need for the job at hand.

It’s always a good idea to cap your removable fence post well. Even if you’re not installing this where snow and ice might crack your post, standing water in steel fence posts is not a good idea!

Bolt In Place

There are several options you could use to secure a removable fence post, including welded tabs and a padlock, pins and more. We’ll look at those options in more detail in another post, but for this simple removable fence post, it will be held in place with an ordinary hex bolt.

If security is a concern, ensure that the hex nut is installed towards the inside of your perimeter fence.

A slotted hole that is oval-shaped in the post and sleeve makes it easier for you to line up the holes on both sides and to get the bolt in place.

To remove this kind of removable fence post, you would need to remove any fence that is installed on it and then use two wrenches to loosen and remove the bolt.

Easy to Manufacture from Readily Available Materials

That’s about it when it comes to our simple DIY removable fence post design. As you can see, it’s relatively easy to manufacture, lends itself to several applications, and can be manufactured from readily available materials.

Be sure to follow The Fencepedia to get more removable fence post designs, fence tips and more.

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