What Is Razor Mesh, and How Is It Used

What Is Razor Mesh, and How Is It Used?

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If you’ve been looking for higher security fence systems, you might have run into the term “razor mesh.” You might have thought this is just another type of razor coil, but that’s not true.

Razor mesh is a standalone, high-security fence option that is used primarily in countries with higher security needs. Here’s what you need to know.

What Does Razor Mesh Look Like?

Razor mesh is a mesh panel that is made up of large diamond-shaped mesh apertures. It is made from welded razor wire, with barbs along both sides of each diamond, which makes it an effective (and potentially dangerous) security fence material.

Razor mesh is sold and installed in sheets that are 6m or about 20 feet long and comes in a variety of heights. Each diamond is 150 x 300mm or about 6 inches wide by 12 inches high.

Razor mesh is usually galvanized steel, but it can also be powder coated or made from different materials in some cases.

Where Is Razor Mesh Used?

As you can imagine from a fence mesh that is made from razor wire, razor mesh can be very dangerous to people or animals, so it’s usually not used in any place where people or animals might accidentally touch it.

It’s often used on the inside of another fence, to act as a climbing deterrent, or sometimes on interior fences on a multi-fence perimeter security system.

When it’s used in public places, razor mesh is usually installed above 1.8m or 6 foot high, again, so that it can’t be touched accidentally. This is similar to electric fences that are used in public spaces.

The most important thing to remember when considering razor mesh is that you may have legal liability if someone who is an innocent passerby is injured on your fence. So, design the system accordingly.

How Is Razor Mesh Installed?

Razor mesh can be installed on its own, directly onto wood, metal, or concrete posts. Or it can be installed on another type of fence like palisade, welded mesh, or something else. This is often done in remote parts of larger, high-security sites to add another layer of security to the perimeter fence system.

Razor mesh sheets must be overlapped about 150mm or 6 inches at the end of each sheet and tied or clipped to the adjacent sheet.

As with all razor wire products, razor mesh can be dangerous to installers too. So, it’s recommended that it’s only installed by experienced people and that they use proper PPE to protect themselves.

Razor mesh should also be disposed of properly when it is no longer needed. It can still be very dangerous to animals and people, even when it’s not on a fence.

Designing a Fence With Razor Mesh

As you can tell, razor mesh is not a fence product that is used very often, and you have to be extra careful when you design a fence that uses this product.

Speak to the manufacturer of the product if you need more information about how to install it, and be sure to check with local authorities that it is allowed in your area. Some parts of the world outlaw this product completely, and in many others, you need special permission to use razor mesh for your fencing. Be sure to get all the authorizations needed for your site before you start the design and procurement process!

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