How to Install Fence Posts Without Concrete

How to Install Fence Posts Without Concrete

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The most common method of installing fence posts that we have all seen is to dig a hole, place the post in the hole and fill it with concrete. Methods might differ a little from one type of fence to another and in different parts of the world, but the process is mostly the same.

However, for many different reasons, you might not want to install your fence with concrete bases. If you’re wondering how to install fence posts without concrete, you’re in the right place! Here’s what you need to know.

Why Would You Want to Install Fence Posts Without concrete?


Whether you’re wondering if you can install chain link fence posts without concrete or looking for options for a vinyl fence or even a wood fence, you might also be wondering what the benefits of this type of installation are. There are several reasons why you might choose to do this:

  • If you are installing a semi-permanent fence, and you want to be able to remove it quickly
  • If you want to save money on excavations and concrete
  • If you have a high water table or soil that is not suitable for concrete bases, and you don’t want to use formwork and pumps
  • If you want your fence installation to be completed faster
  • If you don’t want excavations to ruin your garden

There might be many other reasons why you want to install fence posts without concrete. The good news is that it is possible. Usually.

When Should You Not Install Fence Posts Without Concrete?

While it is usually possible to install fence posts using various alternative methods, there are some cases when you should think twice.

One is when you are planning to install a solid or privacy fence in an area that gets a lot of wind – the wind load could be too much for concrete-free fence post installation methods!

Another is when you’re planning to install very heavy panels or hang gates on the posts. Concrete bases help to counterbalance heavy fence components and gates, and using concrete-free installation methods might not be suitable. At the very least, be sure to check with an engineer before you proceed!

Options for Installing Fence Posts Without Concrete

Now that we’ve covered the why and why not, let’s look at some of the options you have to install fence posts without concrete.

Base Plated Fence Posts

The first option we need to discuss for concrete-free fence post installation is base plates. These are metal plates that are welded or bolted to the bottom of your fence and then bolted to a slab or wall.

You do need to have an existing concrete slab or wall that can support your fence, but if you do, this is a quick, easy and affordable concrete-free fence post installation option.

Gravel Back Fill

Some types of posts, like wood fence posts, can be installed in a hole that is backfilled with gravel and then compacted.

This doesn’t save you much on the digging costs, but gravel is much cheaper than concrete, and it’s easier to remove the posts if you want something less permanent. Gravel also offers good drainage, so your fence posts won’t be in saturated soil 24/7.

Screw Piles

Screw piles, or as they are also known,  adjustable helix posts, are anchors that are literally screwed into the ground. Posts are then attached to the top of the screw pile.

Screw piles are available in a huge variety of sizes and designs, so if you need something that’s heavier duty than what you can get from retailers, you can find it from specialist suppliers.

Pounded Posts

The last concrete-free fence post installation option we have to mention is pounded posts.

There are many ways to pound fence posts, from smaller, hand-held post pounders to large tractor or machine-mounted units. You can also pound many different types of post, including metal and wood posts.

Ask An Expert

If you’re not sure what kind of fence post installation is right for your project, contact a fence company in your area, and request a site meeting. Once they’ve assessed your project and your ground conditions, as well as discussed the specification you want, they will be much better equipped to give you the best options for your unique fence project.

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