How to Install Fencing on Asphalt or Tarmac

How to Install Fencing on Asphalt or Tarmac

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Depending on where you live in the world, you might have found this article by searching how to install fencing on asphalt or how to install fencing on tarmac. The good news is since they’re the same thing – with different names – this article applies regardless.

So, if you have an existing tarmac or asphalt surface and you need to install a fence, read on!

Can You Bolt Fencing to Asphalt or Tarmac?

Usually, the answer to the question “can you bolt fencing to asphalt or tarmac” is no. That’s because there is usually only compacted gravel under the thin asphalt surface.

The exception to this is when you have a concrete slab or beam under the asphalt or tarmac for some reason. If there’s a substantial amount of concrete under the surface, and it’s in good condition, it may be possible to bolt a base-plated fence to your existing asphalt or tarmac paving.

How Do you Install Fencing on Asphalt?

Assuming you don’t have concrete under your asphalt surface but you still need a fence, the process should look something like this:

  1. Measure and set out your fence lines – it’s important to mark the position of your posts because when you’re installing a fence where you have asphalt, you don’t want to dig in the wrong place!
  2. Cut out the asphalt or tarmac surface – digging directly through the surface would rip it up, leaving an ugly, jagged hole around each post, but cutting it first prevents this from happening.
  3. Remove the asphalt you’ve cut around each post and dig the holes for your fence.
  4. Install your posts in concrete or using the method decided for the site.
  5. Finish concrete either flush with the surface of the asphalt or where the asphalt layer begins, depending on how you plan to finish the holes.
  6. If you are using bags of “hot tar” or “hot asphalt” to repair the surface around the posts, you will have stopped pouring concrete at the bottom of the asphalt layer. Top each hole up with asphalt and then tamp it down to form a firm layer.
  7. If you have decided to pour concrete up to the surface, you can leave it as is, or you can paint it in a shade that matches the surrounding asphalt.

This method of installing a fence on asphalt does require a little more labor and material, but it will definitely deliver a better result, so it’s very much worth it.

Tools Required to Install Fence on Asphalt or Tarmac

If you are going to install a fence by cutting and then breaking through an asphalt or tarmac layer, you will need to have a few extra tools on hand in addition to your usual fence tools.

These include an angle grinder to cut out the holes in the surface and a pick or jackhammer to break up the asphalt and the hard, compacted gravel under it. You’ll also need tools to tamp down the asphalt if you choose to repair the surface after installation or painting equipment to paint the top of the concrete bases if that’s what you choose.

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