Why Is Welded Mesh Fencing More Secure Than Chain Link Fencing?

Why Is Welded Mesh Fencing More Secure Than Chain Link Fencing?

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When you’re designing a security fence, you want to balance cost effectiveness with security. You’ll probably consider various heights, different post specifications, and several types of mesh.

When it comes to security fencing, welded mesh is naturally more secure than chain link fencing. Here’s why, and what you can do to boost the security of chain link fencing.

It’s All About Cutting

The security differences between welded mesh fencing and chain link fencing all come down to how easy it is to cut through the fence.

Where you have to cut each individual wire of welded mesh fence to get through it, you might not even have to cut a chain link fence. That’s because individual wires of a chain link fence can be “spiralled out” and it’s all because of how the fence fabric is made.

Welded mesh fence is, as the name suggests, welded at the intersection of every pair of wires. So even if you cut one, it’s still only going to make a hole that is the size of the mesh aperture. Which means anyone who wants to get through one of these fences needs to cut through many wires to make a large enough hole.

Chain link fence is woven, and only the ends of the wires at the top and bottom edge are twisted together. So, while you can cut it anywhere and spiral a piece out, you can also undo the top and bottom of a single wire, and open the fence like a curtain.

How Can You Make Chain Link Fence More Secure?

Obviously, because chain link fence has this security weakness, if you want a really secure fence, the best options are welded mesh systems, palisade and bar or ornamental fence. But if you want to have the cost effectiveness of chain link fence, there are some options you could consider, such as:

  • Opt for thicker wire that is harder to cut, bend and work with, so it takes longer to get one of the wires out of the fence
  • Choose a smaller chain link mesh aperture, which is harder to get a hand tool into
  • Make your fence higher, so that it’s harder to reach the top selvage of the fence fabric
  • Install an electronic monitoring system like a fence detection system, monitored electric fence or taut wire to raise an alarm when the fence is tampered with or breached

Why Would You Still Choose Chain Link?

There are several reasons why, even though chain link is easier to get through, you might still choose it for your fence project.

Maybe you are using a different metal like stainless steel chain link or aluminum chain link. These metals are usually not available in welded mesh products but are often used in very corrosive environments.

Maybe you have an undulating site or fence line where you want to follow the ground. That’s a lot easier with chain link fabric than welded mesh.

Or maybe you want to save money on your fence and spend it on an electronic security and monitoring system.

Chain link fence is readily available, easy to install and one of the more cost-effective options out there. So as long as you have a plan to deal with security vulnerabilities, it’s still a good choice.