How to Screw into Concrete

How to Screw into Concrete

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Installing a fence on concrete, brick, or cinder blocks presents some unique challenges, and one that comes up quite often is how to attach your fence to concrete.

You're in the right place if you’re wondering how to screw into concrete (and even if you can screw into concrete to attach your fence). Here’s what you need to know.


Yes, Concrete Screws Exist

The first thing you need to know when investigating how to screw into concrete is that concrete screws do exist.

In fact, there are several types of screws that can be used to attach things to concrete, brick, cinder block, and other types of masonry.

You should probably discuss the length, diameter and material for your concrete screws with your fastener specialist before you choose a product for your installation. Also, as always, make sure you buy your fasteners from reputable manufacturers and suppliers. There's a big difference between quality fasteners and cheaper alternatives, and you definitely don't want to cut corners here!


Ask the Manufacturer or Supplier for Installation Instructions

Some concrete screws need to be screwed into a slightly smaller than the screw pilot hole, but there are some threaded screw-style concrete anchors that can also be hammered into place. Be sure to ask the supplier you’re purchasing the concrete screws from how you should install them.  

Not Suited for Every Fence

Concrete screws usually work well for lighter fences and fence accessories. This might be a suitable option for a low fence that is being installed on a concrete wall or to attach fence brackets to a brick or concrete wall.

However, if you are installing a taller, heavier fence, concrete screws might not be the right fastener choice; likewise, if you need to install a fence in a high-wind area or at a strange angle. The more pressure that there is on the fasteners, the more robust they should be.

Alternatives to Concrete Screws for Fences

If you’re wondering how to screw into concrete and if your fence is suitable for this type of installation hardware, you might also want to explore some other options.

Some of the most popular choices for installing fences on concrete are wedge, sleeve, or chemical anchors. These types of fasteners create a much sturdier fence, and they’re used for this reason.

A good fastener supplier should be able to advise you about the best fasteners for your specific fence type and installation requirements, so always ask for advice if you’re not sure you’re choosing the right fittings and hardware.

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