How to Set Corner Fence Posts

How to Set Corner Fence Posts

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If you’re installing a fence – no matter what type of fence it is – some of the most important steps involve setting corner and end posts. These will be the main points of your fence, and it’s very important to get them in the right place.

If you’re wondering how to set corner fence posts, read on for a step-by-step guide.

1. Find the Boundaries of Your Site

In most cases, you will install your fence posts on the boundary line of your property. This means knowing exactly where your boundary line is is very important.

Look for your site pegs. These are markers that are left in place to indicate your property line. They might be buried and usually right at the edges of your property.

If you can’t find your site pegs, a land surveyor should be able to tell you exactly where your site boundaries are, usually using a site plan from the city building department.

2. Run a String Line

Once you know where your site pegs are, the next step in our guide to how to set corner fence posts is to run a string line on between your pegs.

Unless you are installing a shared fence on your property line, and your neighbor is okay with the fence being installed on the property line, you will need to ensure that your fence posts are entirely on your property. The best way to do that is to ensure that the outside face of your fence posts is installed against a string line on the property boundary line.

3. Dig Your Holes

Once you know where your corner posts will be, the next step in how to set corner fence posts is to dig the holes for your posts. Try to ensure that the post will fall roughly in the middle of your holes. You want to ensure that concrete is all around the posts when installed because it will protect them from groundwater and chemicals that can speed up corrosion.

4. Install Your Posts and Let the concrete Set

The final step in our guide to how to set corner fence posts is to install your posts in concrete and then to let it set for at least a few days before you start installing the rest of your fence.

It takes time for concrete to set enough to be able to take the weight and tension of your fence, so you can’t rush this step. A little patience at this point will help to ensure that your fence installation goes well and the finished product looks right.

5. Bonus Tip: Hire a Pro

If you’re not sure how to set corner fence posts, but you still want to install your own fence, you might be able to hire a fence installer to install only your corner posts.

Usually, these are very small fence companies or individual fence installers, and they often advertise their services on online classified sites or social media groups. Most larger fence companies won’t do this kind of work for you because it’s just not profitable for them.

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