Is Old Ornamental Fence Cast Iron?

Is Old Ornamental Fence Cast Iron?

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No matter where in the world you happen to live, chances are there are some older fences in your city that might look a little different to the ones you’re used to seeing.

Under the right circumstances, fences can last decades, and some might even be a hundred years old or more. So it’s probably not too uncommon to ask the question, is old ornamental fence cast iron? Here’s what you need to know.

What Is Cast Iron?

As the name suggests, cast iron is a type of metal product that is made by creating a mould, often in a special kind of sand, and then pouring molten iron into the mould. The metal cools and takes on the shape of the mould, and it’s a great way to make decorative castings for fencing and for other uses.

However, cast iron is a very brittle product, and it’s not really designed to be used to make full fence panels or even gates. In fact, this kind of metal breaks very easily, and it’s not very strong or secure.

Instead, cast iron in the fence world is usually used to make things like decorative spikes, rosettes and other items that may be used to add to the appearance of metal gates and fences.

If It’s Not Cast Iron, What Is It?

It’s fairly safe to say that old ornamental fences are not cast iron because they probably wouldn’t last long enough to be old fences, but they’re also not the same as modern ornamental fence systems.

Old ornamental fences usually aren’t made out of hollow tubing and other profiles like modern ornamental fences. Instead, they’re usually wrought iron, which is a type of fencing that is made in a forge by a blacksmith, who heats, hammers, and shapes metal into the fence design you see.

Unlike modern ornamental fences, wrought iron fences are usually made from solid steel bars, which are very strong, and because they are heated and hammered, they are tempered and much, much stronger than cast iron fencing would be.

It’s Very Hard – But Not Impossible – To Match Old Ornamental Fences

Most of the ornamental fences we see these days are mass-produced from hollow tubing. They look great, offer a reasonable amount of security, and are relatively quick and easy to source and install.

However, if you have an existing old fence that needs one or two new panels or some repairs, you might find that it’s a little harder to get the job done.

Wrought iron fence is a much more specialized product that is usually custom-made. It requires a huge amount of skill and training to be able to produce this kind of fence and matching an older fence only adds to the challenge.

So, if you have an older ornamental fence that is actually wrought iron fence, and you need to repair or replace some of it, be prepared to spend some time searching for a company that can get the job done.

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