Is Wood Fence Cheaper Than Chain Link Fence?

Is Wood Fence Cheaper Than Chain Link Fence?

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If you’re asking the question, is wood fence cheaper than chain link fence, you’re probably planning a fence project that requires some privacy.

Unfortunately, even though we’d love to say yes to the question, is wood fence cheaper than chain link fence? That’s not the case. However, it’s also not the end of this conversation. Here’s what you need to know about the price difference between a wood fence and a chain link fence and what your privacy fence options are.

How Much More Does Wood Fence Cost Than Chain Link Fence?

Often, what customers want most is to know what fences will cost them. However, without a site visit by a fence professional, it’s almost impossible to put a figure to that.

Everything from the specification of the fence to site conditions can influence the cost of fencing, and that’s why most good fence companies won’t give you a per-foot price over the phone or by email.

However, it is possible to give you a rough idea of how much more a wood fence will cost you instead of a chain link fence.

You can expect to pay two or three times more for a wood fence than you would for a chain link fence that is the same height. Most of that is material cost, but there might also be labor components to the price difference.

Why Choose Wood Fence Vs. Chain Link Fence?

If you are choosing a fence based on cost only, then chain link fence simply can’t be beaten. However, there’s more to the choice between wood fence vs. chain link fence than price alone. Here’s a side-by-side  comparison of the most important differences between wood fence and chain link fence:

Chain Link Fence


Wood Fence

One of the most cost-effective fence systems in the world


More expensive than chain link fence, and can become quite costly if stained or built from cedar

Very durable, and provided it’s not installed close to the sea or in standing water, it will last for many years


Prone to weather damage, rotting and insect damage, and will need regular maintenance

Offers no privacy unless you add slats, shade cloth panels, faux foliage etc.


Offers excellent privacy and is ideal for backyards

Usually, limited options based on standard heights, materials, and designs


Unlimited design options are available when built on site

Reasonably secure, although there are more secure fence types out there


Limited security and reasonably easy to cut or climb

As you can see, chain link fence and wood fence are very different fence systems with vastly different pros and cons. Rather than choosing based on price alone, consider what your fence needs really are. Ask local fence companies to give you quotes and options, and then use all of that information to choose the right fence for your property and project.

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