Cattle fence

Cattle fence

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Livestock require good fences and gates to stop them from wandering away, to keep them safe and to keep predators at bay, and cattle are no different.

However, like most types of fence, when you say "cattle fence" it doesn't mean just one thing. In fact, there are many different types of cattle fence that you might install to keep your cows where they need to be!

One of the most common types of cattle fence, and one that is used extensively on cattle farms and ranches is barbed wire fencing. This simple fence is nothing more than woode posts, usually driven or pounded into the ground, and several strands of barbed wire attached to the posts with barbed staples. It's a very low cost option to fence long fence lines, and it's relatively easy to install and repair, which means farmers can maintain their own fences.

Another type of cattle fencing that is very common is what is known as cattle panels. These are welded tubular steel fence panels that are movable, and can be installed in a wide variety of configurations. There are also special gates and chutes available for this kind of fence panels. Cattle panels and accessories are often used to corral cattle for vaccinations, or when loading them onto trucks for transport.