High tensile wire

High tensile wire

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High tensile wire is a type of galvanized fence wire that is a little thinner than the traditional 9 gauge wire used for many things in the fence world, but because it's made from high tensile steel, it's still just as strong.

High tensile wire is usually 12 gauge, and it can be sold by the foot or the pound. It is usually supplied in rolls, which are easy to use for various fence projects, particularly if you use a spinning jenny.

The most common uses for high tensile galvanized fence wire are in electric fencing and in agricultural fencing or farm fencing, as it is also known, but it can be used for other applications in various types of fence systems.

As always, buy your high tensile wire from reputable manufacturers, and be sure to ask for mill certificates and galvanizing certificates if you want to guarantee the quality of the product you're buying.

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