Hilti bolts / wedge anchors

Hilti bolts / wedge anchors

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If you need to install a base-plated fence on a concrete wall or slab, then you probably need to use Hilti bolts or, as they are more generically known, wedge anchors or sleeve anchors.

These bolts (whether you buy branded or not) are designed to expand when they are tightened in place, which effectively locks them in place. This makes them perfect for doing things like installing fences on concrete because they create a secure anchor point when installed properly.

Wedge anchors are available in a variety of diameters and lengths, and they can be found in galvanized, zinc-plated and stainless steel options.

To properly install bolts like Hilti bolts and wedge anchors, be sure to use a ratchet so that you can torque them properly.

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