What Is Serrated Comb and How Is It Used?

What Is Serrated Comb and How Is It Used?

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Serrated comb, also known as cox comb or security comb, is a fairly common fence top security option in many parts of the world.

Let’s take a closer look at what a serrated comb is, how it’s used in fencing and on gates, how it’s made and more.

What Is Serrated Comb?

Serrated comb is a metal strip with half-moon or triangular-shaped serrations that is made out of steel and is attached or welded to the top of fences and gates to provide additional security.

The serrations themselves are usually around 35mm high, which is about an inch and a half, although the full serrated comb strip is usually wider than that to allow for welding or attaching to the fence or gate.

How Does Serrated Comb Provide Additional Security?

The goal of fence top security for higher security fence systems is to make it harder for someone to climb over the fence or gate.

Serrated comb does this by adding a spiky, hard-to-grip edge to the top of your fence or gate. This makes it harder to get a handhold, makes putting your knee on the top of the fence or gate almost impossible, and generally makes it a lot harder to get over your fence!

How Is Serrated Comb Made?

Serrated comb is usually cut from flat metal sheets, and it is usually about 2 or 4mm thick. This metal is cut to form the serrated shape using a specially set up guillotine or press brake. Sometimes, other methods may be used to manufacture serrated comb, including punching circles out of the metal sheet.

The method of manufacturing for your serrated comb shouldn’t affect its efficacy as a fence security upgrade.

How Is Serrated Comb Attached?

Since serrated come is made from steel and it’s usually used on steel fencing, the simplest way to attach it is by welding it.

Usually, this is done before the gate or fence panels or components are hot dip galvanized, so that the serrated comb can also be coated and protected.

Occasionally, pre-galvanized serrate comb might be attached to fencing or gates using rivets, self-drilling or tech screws or some other method.

Where Is Serrated Comb Used?

Serrated comb is a very simple fence enhancement, but it can be used in a wide variety of ways, including:

  • Welded to the top of ornamental or bar fence panels
  • Welded to the top of high-security gates
  • On angle iron top rails for high-security fence systems
  • As an anti-dig deterrent, when attached to fence bottom rails
  • Welded vertically to fence or gate posts to deter climbing

These are just some of the ways you can use a serrated comb to enhance the security of your fences and gates.

Where Can You Buy Serrated Comb?

Many fence and metal suppliers around the world manufacture and supply various types of serrated combs or security combs. Different manufacturers might use different manufacturing methods and offer different types of security comb, so be sure to consider your options before you decide where to buy.

When you’re shopping for fence materials like serrated comb, always ask for samples, so you can see the item first-hand and physically evaluate it before you choose.

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