Can Alligators Climb Fences?

Can Alligators Climb Fences?

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It’s a question you never imagined you’d be asking. However, if you live in the southeastern part of the United States or somewhere else where one of the many species of alligators live, you might well find yourself asking, “can alligators climb fences?”

We like to think that when we put up a fence, our property is secure. But just how secure is it from alligators? Let’s find out.

Yes! Alligators Can Climb Fences!

If you thought the answer to this question was a simple no, you’re in for a nasty surprise.

Not only can alligators climb fences, but there is video evidence of them doing just that. As you can see from the video, it’s not only small alligators that can (and do) scale fences! Much larger critters can also get over fences quite easily.

They Can Tunnel Too

If you thought your fence was secure and your property safe from alligators, you’ll be concerned to learn that alligators can not only climb fences, they can also tunnel for up to 65 feet or so.

So even if an alligator can’t climb your fence (or doesn’t feel like trying), they’re very capable of going under it instead.

How to Alligator Proof Your Fence


Now that you know alligators can climb fences and tunnel under them, you might feel a lot less safe in your backyard! You never quite know when you might walk outside to find a scaly visitor lounging on your patio or even swimming in your pool!

There are a few things you can do to make your fence more difficult for alligators to climb or tunnel under, including:

  • Choose a fence that offers fewer footholds – chain link fence has regularly spaced wires that alligators can use to scramble over your fence, but something like an ornamental fence, with only vertical bars, is a lot harder to scramble over
  • Consider extending your fence underground or installing underground barrier panels – this should prevent any tunneling under your fence
  • Install a fence detection system or infra-red safety beams around your yard, and connect them to your home security system – it might not stop an alligator from climbing your fence, but you’ll have some warning that it might have happened!

There is no fence out there that is entirely impervious to everything – even giant reptiles! The best you can do when you’re choosing a new fence is to get one that offers the best possible security features for your specific property and needs.

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