The Pros and Cons of Chain Link Fence

The Pros and Cons of Chain Link Fence

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Whether you call it chain link fence, diamond mesh fence or something else, there’s no denying that chain link mesh fencing is one of the most popular fence types in the world.

However, like every type of fence, there are pros and cons to choosing a chain link fence or diamond mesh fence for your project. Let’s look at both.

Pros of Chain Link Fence

Let’s start with the positive aspects of choosing a chain link fence or diamond mesh fencing for your project. These include:

Readily Available

Chain link fence systems are easy to source in nearly every country, and most large cities will have at least a few suppliers of chain link mesh and other fence components. This cuts down on shipping costs and time, which is a big plus for most fence projects!

Easy to Install

Chain link fences or diamond mesh fencing as it’s known in parts of the world, is relatively easy to install. You still need experienced people to install large perimeter fences, but the fence system itself can be used on ground that is sloped and undulating easier than rigid fence systems.

Many Variations

There are many different variations of chain link fence systems out there. So, whether you just need a 4’ high chain link fence around a vegetable garden or you want a 3.6m high diamond mesh fence with barbed wire and razor coils, you can build a specification that works for your project.

Various Finishes

Chain link fences and diamond mesh fencing are available in a variety of finishes and colors. So, if you live in a warmer climate, you can choose a green fence that blends in with vegetation, or if you live in a snowy area, you can choose white or black – both of which look great against the snow!

Low Maintenance

Chain link fence systems and diamond mesh fencing is very low maintenance when it’s installed correctly. As long as it’s galvanized properly and not installed too near the ocean or an industrial environment, it will probably give you twenty-five years or more of rust-free service.

Cost Effective

One of the biggest pluses of chain link fence systems and diamond mesh fencing is that it’s very cost effective. The materials themselves are relatively cheap to purchase, and the labor to install it is lower than more complex fence systems.

Cons of Chain Link Fencing

Of course, every fence system has pros and cons, and chain link is no different. Here are a few of the drawbacks to choosing chain link fence or diamond mesh fencing for your project.

Corrosion Issues

If you install a chain link fence far from the ocean and away from industrial chemical environments, the fence will last a very long time with just galvanizing or galvanizing and powder or PVC coating.

However, if you do need to install your fence in a corrosive environment, you might need to opt for aluminum chain link fence, or even grade 304 or 316 stainless steel diamond mesh fencing, both of which will increase the cost significantly.

Lower Security

Chain link fence is generally not considered a high security fence, for several reasons. One is that the woven fence fabric is easy to “unweave” and another because the bottom of this fence can be lifted to gain access.

There are options to increase the security of chain link fences, such as installing fence detection systems, burying some of the bottom of the fence and installing barbed wire and razor wire above the fence, but these things all cost more money, and will increase the overall cost of the fence.

Aesthetic Issues

While chain link fences and diamond mesh fencing are cost effective and flexible – literally and figuratively – they’re not the best-looking fences out there. Often, large sites are fenced with something else on publicly visible parts of the fence line, and then cheaper mesh fences are used on other areas.

Some additions to chain link fence like privacy slats or even faux vegetation can all change the appearance of chain link fence for the better too.

Lack of Privacy

Chain link fence is, of course, a woven fence mesh, which means it’s wires with large apertures between them. This means that on its own, chain link fence offers basically no privacy. However, there are several ways around this.

Some people choose faux vegetation as mentioned above, while others opt for various types of privacy slats. Others plant climbing plants along their fence line or use reed screens or lattice to add privacy to their fence.

There are many ways to increase the privacy of a chain link fence, but they will all add to the cost of the fence.

Is Chain Link Fence Right for You?

It’s very hard to know which fence is the right one for your project without knowing all the details. The most important thing is to learn as much as you can about each fence option, and to understand your priorities.

If cost is the biggest factor for your fence project, then chain link fence or diamond mesh fencing might very well be the right kind of fence for you. However, if you need security or an elegant appearance, there might be better options out there.

Talk to a fence specialist in your area and get a variety of quotes on different options. Take your time and evaluate all the options carefully. That’s the best way to ensure that you get the right fence for the job.

Chain Link Fence Features

 Fence Factor:    




Below Average

 Cost    ✓    
 Ease of installation             ✓    
 Material accessibility    ✓    
 Variations available    ✓    
 Security (stand alone)      ✓  
 Privacy (stand alone)      
 Ease of maintenance      

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