Can Skunks Climb Chain Link Fences?

Can Skunks Climb Chain Link Fences?

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One of the best – and sometimes worst – things about many North American cities and towns is that we very often see wildlife in the suburbs and even in urban parks.

However, while we all love seeing critters in the wild (or even in the park!), we don’t usually love having them in our yards. Which might be why you’re asking can skunks climb chain link fences! Here’s what you need to know.

Yes, Skunks Can Climb Chain Link Fences

Unfortunately, if you were hoping to keep the little stinkers out of your backyard, there’s bad news. Not only can skunks climb chain link fences, but they are excellent climbers in general.

They can also climb trellises, trees and many other things, which is why they sometimes set up their home in your attic or roof space!

But They Also Dig

Of course, the question of can skunks climb chain link fences is often not even relevant when skunks get into your yard. That’s because they are also amazing diggers! Skunks have very powerful paws and claws, and no matter what kind of fence you have, if it’s above the ground, they can dig a hole and slip under it very quickly!

How Can Fences Help to Deter Skunks?

When skunks invade your property, and if they’re not simply passing through on the way to somewhere else, they tend to look for quiet, hard-to-access places to make their home. Often, this happens when mother skunks are ready to have babies, which means you might soon have an even bigger skunk problem!

If you have skunks that have moved in, you will have to call a specialist to have them removed, but once that’s done, you can add wire mesh and other types of fencing to the place or places they’ve invaded to keep them from coming back.

While skunks can climb chain link fences, they probably can’t and won’t chew through a good quality mesh panel that’s designed to discourage them from moving into your home.

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