Where to Dispose of Old Fence Panels

Where to Dispose of Old Fence Panels

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Getting a new fence is exciting, but it also usually means that you’ll have some old fence, vegetation, and other waste to remove from your property.

Many fence companies don’t offer waste removal services, although they might give you a price to take your fence down. So what are your options, and where do you dispose of old fence panels? Let’s take a look at the options.

Option 1: Take It to the Local Dump

If you have a pickup truck and trailer, you might simply be able to load your fence up and take it to your local dump. Most dumps do charge fees, but they’re relatively low per load, although you might have to pay extra if you’re dumping a mixed load.

Make sure that you only dispose of old fence panels at a genuine dump, though, and that you keep your dump tickets from every trip. If you’re caught dumping old fence materials anywhere other than a dump, you could get a hefty fine – so it’s cheaper just to do it the right way!

Option 2: Hire a Waste Disposal Company

Another option, if you don’t have the right vehicle or enough time to dump your old fence panels yourself, is to hire a skip or bin from a waste disposal company in your area.

Once it’s delivered, all your fence company or removal team needs to do is place the old fence panels and other materials into the bins. Once they’re full or your fence is completely taken down and ready to be dumped, you call the waste removal company, and they do the rest.

This costs a little more than disposing of your old fence panels at the dump yourself, but it is a lot less work!

Option 3: Sell Your Old Fence Panels If They’re In Good Shape

Whether you’re taking down an old wood fence, vinyl fence, or something else, if you’re doing it for security or esthetics rather than because your fence is worn out, you might very well be able to sell some or all of your old fence panels as second-hand fence material.

Many furniture makers and craftspeople will also be interested in untreated wood in good condition, provided the price is right.

Always Ask If Removal Is Included

Although there are several options for what to do with your old fence panels once they are removed, very often, clients who are having a new fence installed are surprised that this is something they need to take care of.

Never assume that the removal of old fencing or even tailings from excavations is included in the price you’ve been quoted unless the quote specifically states that it is.

Many fence companies don’t automatically include these kinds of services in their quote, so always be sure to ask if it is or not and factor any additional costs into your decision-making process. Even if they don’t offer this service as part of their quotes, most fence companies can direct you to a waste company that can assist in ensuring that your old fence is disposed of properly.

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