How Is Welded Mesh Sold?

How Is Welded Mesh Sold?

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If you’re looking for welded mesh fencing, like most kinds of fencing, you might think that there are only a few options to choose from. However, like most things in the fence world, it’s a lot more complicated than you might think!

There are many different types of welded mesh fences, and they are sold in different ways, depending on the type of product.

Rolled Welded Mesh Fencing

Rolled welded mesh fencing is sold like chain link fence or diamond mesh fencing – in rolls that are typically 15 or 30 meters, or 50 or 100 feet, depending on where you are buying your fencing.

Rolled welded mesh fencing is often installed on round steel posts, similar to chain link fencing, and it’s usually a cheaper product.

Rolled welded mesh fencing is available in a variety of aperture sizes, can be made from a variety of wire diameters, and with different grades of galvanizing. There are also some PVC-coated rolled welded mesh fencing products on the market.

Welded Mesh Panels

Welded mesh panels are, as the name suggests, sold in panels. They’re usually about 3 meters or 10 feet wide, but they may come in other sizes.

Welded mesh panels are also available in a wide range of specifications, with different mesh apertures, wire thicknesses and finishes. Some welded mesh panels have V-shaped horizontal bracing to provide additional rigidity.

Panel-type welded mesh fence systems can be installed on a variety of structures, ranging from custom I-beam posts to angle iron or square posts, depending on the system design and structural requirements.

Allow Extra Material

As you might already know, welded mesh fencing is less able to follow contours than woven wire mesh fence systems. Panels also need to be cut at every end and corner, and you will definitely need more material than the linear footage for your project.

If you are planning to buy welded mesh fencing for a project, it’s a very good idea to visit the site, get a site layout, and calculate how much extra you will need.

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