Chain Link Fence Color Choices

Chain Link Fence Color Choices

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If you’ve already decided that chain link fence is the right fence for you, and you know you want a color-coated chain link fence, you probably wonder what chain link fence color choices are available.

We’ve got all the information you need to know about the most common chain link fence colors, so you can make the right choice for your new fence.

Color Chain Link Fences Usually Start Out Glossy

The first thing you need to know before we get into more detail about chain link fence color choices is that most color-coated chain link starts out fairly glossy.

That’s because the types of coating that are used on the mesh and wire and structure – PVC and powder coating, respectively – are usually glossy when they are new, but they will become less shiny over time. This is natural weathering, and it does not mean there is anything wrong with your fence.

Most Common Chain Link Fence Color Choices

While you might not find all these colors everywhere in the world, they are the most common choices for colored chain link fences, so you will probably have to choose one of these options.

Black Chain Link 

Black Chain Link Fence

Black chain link fence is one of the most common and most popular color chain link fence choices. Black chain link fence looks more elegant than other colors, and it’s often used alongside ornamental and wrought iron fences because of that.

 White Chain Link

White Chain Link Fence

White chain link fence is another popular choice, especially in places that have snow. This color choice means that your fence will disappear into the background during winter in those areas. The downside to a white chain link fence is that if the coating cracks and the metal below rusts, you could get orange rust stains on your fence.

 Green Chain Link

Green Chain Link Fence

Green chain link fence is particularly popular in places where there’s a lot of green vegetation all year round. This allows a green chain link fence to blend into the background. Green chain link fence is also popular for tennis courts and other sporting facilities in some parts of the world.

 Brown Chain Link

Brown Chain Link

Rounding out the most common chain link fence color choices is brown chain link. This understated, neutral-toned fence usually works well with most house colors, and if you’re looking for a fence that matches your architecture, this might be the right choice.


It's important to note that different chain link manufacturers might use slightly different colors for their products. So if you want to be sure you're getting the right color, be sure to ask for a sample.

Custom Chain Link Fence Colors

You might be wondering if one of your chain link fence color choices is a custom color that is not on this list. The answer is it depends.

In theory, it’s possible for a fence manufacturer to make a chain link fence in any color. However, since this requires purchasing PVC pellets in the desired color and specific powder for powder coating your chain link fence structure and fittings, it’s likely that most chain link manufacturers won’t offer this service, or if they did, they would charge a premium set up fee.

One exception to this is if you want to purchase a very large quantity of chain link fence material in a custom color. Buying bulk chain link fence materials might convince a manufacturer to make a chain link fence in the color you want it in.

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