What Color Green Is Chain Link Fence?

What Color Green Is Chain Link Fence?

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There are many reasons why you might be considering a green chain link fence. The most common is that you want it to blend into vegetation, so that it seems like it’s not even there.

It’s not uncommon to ask the question what color green is chain link fence. In fact, since there are millions of shades of green out there, it’s actually a very good question. Here’s what you need to know.

What Color Green Is It?

The problem with answering the question what color green is chain link fence is that there is no standard. Different manufacturers can and do use different shades of green for their chain link and other fence systems.

This can, of course, create problems when you are trying to color match a chain link fence you’ve already bought or installed.

Most green chain link fences are very dark though, and one of the most common shades of green used in fencing is known as RAL 6001.

How to Make Sure You Get the Right Green

Usually, if you buy all of your green chain link fence from the same supplier, you won’t have to worry about different colors sneaking into your order. They are likely to use the same shade of green for their mesh and wire as they do for their pipe, fittings and structural elements.

Another option, if you have to buy your green chain link fence materials from different suppliers is to ask them what color codes they use for their products. This not only lets you confirm that everything is the same color, but allows you to compare how different the shades of green are if they aren’t.

The last option for ensuring you get the right shade of green chain link fence – especially if you are matching a fence that is already installed, and you don’t have the color code for, is to take a piece of the fence with you to the supplier. Choose something that has a protected inside coating layer like a rail end or tension band, so that your fence supplier can look at the unfaded color.

Even Perfectly Matched Fences May Fade Over Time

The last thing you need to know about the question what color is green chain link fence is that chain link fence usually does fade in the sun over time. Because the posts and the wire and mesh are coated differently, they might also fade at different rates.

Green chain link fence is still a great choice though. Just be sure to ask your fence supplier enough questions to ensure  you’re getting the right color chain link, and that it will be durable and offer value for money.

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