Do Chain Link Fences Rust?

Do Chain Link Fences Rust?

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Do chain link fences rust? Yes, but there’s a little more to it than that.

Because chain link fences are usually (but not always) made of galvanized steel, they are susceptible to corrosion and oxidization, or, as we know it, rust. However, to properly answer the question do chain link fences rust, there are a few other things you need to know.

Location, Location, Location!

One of the most important factors when wondering do chain link fences rust is where the fence is installed.

Galvanized steel chain link fences that are installed within 500 meters or about 1640 feet from the ocean tend to rust very quickly. If you have an oceanfront property, you might want to consider different materials like stainless steel, aluminum or even concrete, which will last much longer.

Heavy industrial environments that have a lot of chemicals in the air can also be highly corrosive and galvanized chain link fences installed in these environments tend to rust faster too.

The Type of Coating on Your Fence

The next important thing you need to know when investigating do chain link fences rust is that there isn’t only one type of galvanized chain link fence.

There are different grades or classes of galvanizing, which essentially refer to how much zinc is present on the surface of your posts, wire and mesh. The more zinc there is, the longer it will take for your fence to rust.

Color Coated Chain Link Fences

Another factor in answering the question do chain link fences rust is whether it’s bare galvanized metal or if it has a PVC coating and powder coated or painted structure.

When we overcoat a galvanized metal base in a process known as “duplex coating,” we can extend the corrosion-free lifespan of the fence. The additional layer of coating limits corrosive elements from being deposited on the steel, and since rusting is a chemical process, that helps to ensure your fence lasts longer.

Every Job Is Different

The most important thing you need to know when you’re trying to decide if a chain link fence is the best choice for your property is that every site and every fence project is different.

Budget, security needs, esthetics and corrosion resistance, are just some of the factors in choosing the right fence.

So if you’re planning a fence project and you want to make the right choices for your site, contact a fence specialist in your area and consider all the options.

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