How Is Chain Link Fence Colored?

How Is Chain Link Fence Colored?

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If an ordinary galvanized chain link fence looks too industrial for you, you’re certainly not alone. While chain link is one of the most popular fence types in the world, it’s not really the prettiest fence out there!

Choosing a colored chain link fence is a great compromise that offers improved aesthetics without too much extra cost. But have you ever wondered how is chain link fence colored? Read this to find out!

Different Processes

The first thing you need to know is that there are different processes to color different parts of your chain link fence. While you can certainly buy colored chain link from a manufacturer or distributor, they’re not made the same way.

Mesh and wire

Mesh and wire are a big part of a chain link fence, and these are manufactured by coating a galvanized core wire with melted PVC pellets in a process called extruding.

Once it is coated, the wire is then woven into chain link fabric as it would be with ordinary galvanized wire.

Fence Structure, Gates, and Fence Fittings

Most fence structure components, gates and fittings are made from galvanized steel. The most common way to add color to these items is to powder coat them. This is a process that uses a large oven to melt color powder onto the surface of the galvanized steel.

Some companies might offer a painted fence structure, but you should always ask about the products they use and their application process. Painting galvanized fence is not a simple process, and if it’s not done correctly, it could flake off and look terrible.

A Note on Chain Link Fence Color

Now that you know how chain link fence is colored, there’s another important thing you should bear in mind when shopping for colored chain link fencing is that different manufacturers do use different color PVC and powder coating for their fences.

This means that if you buy your colored chain link fence from different places, the colors might not match. In some cases, this can be a noticeable difference, so it’s always a good idea to buy from one supplier and buy a little extra for future repairs or fence additions.

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