What Is Chain Link Selvedge?

What Is Chain Link Selvedge?

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Chain link fence is such a common sight around the world that most people don’t realize just how complex it actually is. There are endless variations on the “typical” chain link fence, from height to wire diameter, mesh aperture size and more.

Another small but important detail is the chain link selvedge. Let’s take a closer look at what a chain link selvedge is, why it matters, and what your options are.

What Is a Chain Link Selvedge?

Chain link mesh is fabric. It’s a fabric that is woven from wire instead of fibers, but it’s fabric, nonetheless.

Like fabric, the ends of the wires that are used to manufacture the chain link mesh need to be properly “finished off” to ensure that the fabric stays together and intact. This is called the selvedge, which is simply the way that the edges of the mesh fabric are finished off.

There are different types of chain link selvedge, though, and different combinations of those types.

Knuckled Chain Link Selvedge

Knuckled Chain Link Selvedge

The first type of chain link selvedge is the knuckled chain link selvedge, which is an edge where all the wires are bent over to create a smooth and seamless edge.

This type of selvedge is the most commonly used option and is a must for public spaces or backyards where children or pets might be injured by wires that stick out of the fence.

Barbed Chain Link Selvedge

Barbed Chain Link Selvedge
The next type of chain link selvedge is the barbed chain link selvedge.

This type of chain link selvedge includes a twisted vertical “barb” on the edge of the chain link fabric. It’s usually about 25 millimeters or one inch.

This type of chain link selvedge is usually used on higher, higher security chain link fence projects, where the goal is to discourage climbing over or under the fence. It’s usually not used on fences around public space because there is a risk of injury to people or animals.

Chain Link Selvedge Combinations

Of course, there are two horizontal edges to any chain link fence, which means that you can compare different types of selvedge on your chain link fence.

You might choose knuckle/knuckle for your backyard chain link fence or knuckle/barb for a fence around your commercial property. You can even get barb/barb, but that’s usually a special order item.

When you’re ordering chain link fabric for your fence, this is one of the questions you will be asked, so be sure to think about what you need before you contact your local fence supplier.

Does the Type of Chain Link Selvedge Change the Price of Chain Link Mesh?

Cost is always a factor when you’re shopping for a fence, so you might be wondering if your selvedge choice will affect the cost of your chain link fence.

The good news is that the answer to that question is no. However, you might wait a little longer if you choose something out of the ordinary, like barb/barb chain link mesh.

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