What Is Snow Fence?

What Is Snow Fence?

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If you’ve never had to deal with snow and ice from a maintenance perspective, you probably haven’t given it too much thought. However, just like sand, snow tends to blow around and often accumulates in places we’d prefer it didn’t.

While you’re researching solutions to this problem, you might be wondering what is snow fence. Can it help? How does it work, and what does it look like? Let’s find out.

What Is Snow Fence Used For?

Snow fence is used in a very similar manner to erosion control fence or silt fence as it's sometimes known. It is placed in areas where snow is likely to blow and accumulate in places that are not ideal.

In cities, this might include along pathways or trails, and it’s often used on ski slopes and similar natural areas, where the movement of snow also needs to be controlled.



What Does Snow Fence Look Like?

Snow fence usually comes in rolls of bright plastic material with holes cut out. This allows the snow fence to block some snow but not to be subjected to too much wind force, which would damage or move it.

This plastic net-like fabric is usually tied to metal stakes that are driven into the ground.

Snow fence comes in bright colors so that it’s easy to spot even in snowy areas, and it’s usually about three or four feet tall.


Is Snow Fence Permanent?

Not usually. A snow fence is often intended to be a temporary barrier to prevent snow from accumulating in the wrong places during the winter, but it’s typically taken down as soon as the snow melts and thaws. Sometimes, snow fences can be reused, although it depends on how much of a beating it has taken during the winter snow season.

There are some permanent snow fence options, but they are much less commonly used.

Do You Get Permanent Snow Fences?

Yes. In some parts of the world where there is a lot of snow, and it tends to accumulate in the same places, permanent snow fences might be constructed. These are usually used to protect important routes and infrastructure, like roads and railway lines.

Do You Need a Fence Company to Install Snow Fence?

No. If you are installing a temporary snow fence, which is very simple to install, anyone with a hammer and a pair of pliers can get the job done. The fence does not have to be perfectly taut and level since it’s only purpose, is to temporarily prevent snow drifts and blowing snow in the areas it’s used.

If you want to install a permanent snow fence, you will probably need a fence company to do the installation and an engineer who specialises in snow control to design the system you need.

Where Can You Buy Snow Fence?

Many fence companies in areas that get a lot of snow will stock and sell temporary snow fences, but you can also find it online or in hardware stores. You usually need to buy full rolls of snow fence, though, so even if you only need a small section, you’ll have to buy the whole roll.

If you need a permanent snow fence, it’s likely to be a custom-manufactured item, so you will need to find a company that can make the fence to the engineer’s specifications.

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