10 Things You Need To Know About Repairing Vinyl Fence

10 Things You Need To Know About Repairing Vinyl Fence

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If you've chosen vinyl fence, you're probably looking forward to many years of maintenance free fencing. So you should. Vinyl fence is an exceptionally low maintenance fence type.

However, while a good quality vinyl fence will last a very long time with no need to paint, sand or replace rotten components, vinyl fence can still be damaged by accident or cut or broken maliciously. Here's what you need to know about repairing a vinyl fence.

  1.  Vinyl fence repair is a little more complicated than repairing a wood fence, because the top and bottom rails fit inside slotted holes in the posts - so it's a job that's best left for the pros!
  2. Different vinyl manufacturers make slightly different components, so a fence board or horizontal rail from one system might not fit another system - be sure to buy a few extra components to keep in case you ever need a repair done, so you can use the right materials.
  3. Different manufacturers also have slightly different colours - which is another good reason to keep a stock of spare parts, in case you ever need a repair.
  4. Most quality vinyl fence manufacturers offer great product warranties, but those warranties usually don't cover physical damage to your fence.
  5. However, you will probably be able to claim the cost of repair from your home insurance.
  6. Vinyl fence repairs can be quite costly. Usually, this is because of the labour required to remove the damaged materials and install the new components - but it's still a good idea to hire a vinyl pro to get the job done right.
  7. Most quality vinyl fence can handle being hit with the occasional ball and similar kind of impact - so you shouldn't have to repair your vinyl fence very often!
  8. Vinyl fence repairs might take a little time, particularly if the company doing the work needs to get materials - ask them if they have rental fence to close up any holes in your fence temporarily, so you can keep dogs and kids safe.
  9. Vinyl fence materials need to be disposed of properly in a city dump - make sure your contractor follows local environmental and disposal regulations.
  10. Many vinyl fences have 25 year to lifetime warranties - so even if you have to do the occasional repair, it will still be cheaper than maintaining a wood fence.

Vinyl fence is one of the most popular fence systems in North America, and with good reason. It looks great, it's durable and it's low maintenance. So it's good to know that in the unlikely event that your fence does suffer physical damage, you can get it fixed.

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