5 Tips for Wood Fence Maintenance

5 Tips for Wood Fence Maintenance

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Wood fence is a popular choice for backyards and suburban spaces in many parts of the world. Unfortunately, even treated wood can start looking a little shabby after a while exposed to the elements.

We’ve put together a list of tips for wood fence maintenance that you can use to extend the life of your wood fence for longer.

1. Use the Right Fasteners

Wood fence maintenance starts before you even install it. Choosing the right fasteners and hardware is one of the most important factors in how long your fence will last. While galvanized screws and nails will work for cedar and spruce, if you choose treated wood fence posts and components, you will need to choose special coated screws and nails to prevent early corrosion.

2. Inspect Your Fence Twice a Year

The problem with wood fence is that when one thing starts to fail, it often affects other components and materials.

It’s a good idea to inspect your wood fence twice a year – in the spring and fall – to make sure there are no visible signs or rot, sagging or other kinds of damage. This will alert you if you need to take wood fence maintenance to the next step and do some repairs.

3. Avoid Pooling Water

You might not think of drainage as a factor in wood fence maintenance, but it’s crucially important.

You always want water to drain away from your fence posts and the rest of your fence line. Ideally, there will be 2 inches or about 50mm below your fence boards, between it and the ground. This ensures that your fence boards won’t absorb water when it rains or snows.

If you find that water does pool along your fence line, and you want your fence to last, you need to adjust your landscaping and drainage accordingly.

4. Pressure Wash It

If you have a treated wood fence or a cedar wood fence that is not stained or painted, a good pressure wash once or twice a year will help to refresh your fence and is a great way to maintain your wood fence.

While you’re pressure washing your fence, pay close attention to any loose boards or damage. A quick repair before the problem spreads is one of the best things you can do for your wood fence!

5. Stain It Frequently

Many people look at the price on the quote for a new fence and decide what they can afford based on that, but the real test often comes when it comes to maintenance and repairs. Wood fence maintenance tends to be a lot more intense than chain link fence or vinyl fence maintenance, and you will probably have to clean and restain your wood fence every few years. So be sure to factor that cost into your calculations.

When paint or stain flakes off a wood fence, it not only looks bad, but it also leaves the fence vulnerable to the elements, insects, and sun damage.

A Hands-On Fence

Wood fence looks great and offers a good level of privacy for backyards and other spaces – but it’s not a hands off, set it and forget it type of fence.

If you choose a wood fence, you will need to accept that wood fence maintenance will be part of your life for the duration of the fence’s lifespan.

There are some companies that offer this kind of service too, so if you’d rather not do the work yourself, you can hire someone to take care of your wood fence maintenance on your behalf.

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