How to Dress Up a Chain Link Fence

How to Dress Up a Chain Link Fence

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Chain link fence has a lot going for it. It’s durable, readily available and cost-effective. It’s not the prettiest fence out there, though. This might be why you’re looking for information about how to dress up a chain link fence.

The good news is that there are many options to make your chain link fence look a little less industrial, and many of these are perfect for backyards. Here are some of the best ways to dress up a chain link fence on any budget.



Faux Foliage

If you want a no-maintenance foliage option that will stay green and lush all year round, rolled faux foliage is a great choice. It’s cost-effective and very easy to install, so you can totally transform a chain link fence in a weekend.

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Lattice Panels

Another easy-to-install and readily available option to dress up your chain link fence is to attach lattice panels. These are also available in maintenance-free PVC and in a variety of color options. There are also some (like the picture) that have artificial foliage already attached.

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Reed Fence Panels

If you want something that feels a little more like a tropical resort for your backyard chain link fence transformation, reed panels are a great choice. These are also sold in rolls, and they are very easy to install and cost-effective

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Privacy Slats

Privacy slats are another cost-effective option to change the way your chain link fence looks. They’re available in different styles and colors, and they add privacy as well as a pop of color if that’s what you like!

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Plant Hangers

There are several types of hooks and hangers that can be used to hang plants on chain link fence. They can be used along with several of the options on this fence, and they allow you to turn your fence into a vertical garden. So whether you like flowers and color or herbs and veggies, your chain link fence could be where you grow them!

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How Much Does It Cost to Dress Up a Chain Link Fence Like This?

The cost to dress up your chain link fence using these products will depend on which option you choose and how large your fence is. However, since most of them can be done as DIY projects, you won’t have to pay for labor to transform your fence and your backyard this way.

In most cases, you can budget a few dollars per foot of fence, including cable ties or other methods of attaching these materials to the fence.

You can also choose specific parts of your fence to dress up and leave other areas that aren’t as visible as is if you need to complete the project on a budget.

What Are the Benefits of Dressing Up a Chain Link Fence?

If you’re still on the fence (sorry!) about enhancing your chain link fence this way, it might be worth considering the benefits.

Top of the list is probably privacy. Chain link fences offer none, but if you add any of these enhancements, you will gain more privacy in your backyard, which usually means you can use it more and get more value out of that space.

Another benefit is aesthetics. We love chain link fence, but there are very few people installing them because of how it looks. These options to dress up your chain link fence totally change the look of your fence and make your backyard a better-looking space.

Finally, this kind of fence enhancement might add value to your property if you ever want to sell it. A fully fenced yard is a big plus, but when it also looks good and offers privacy, it’s a triple win.

What to Look for In Chain Link Fence Enhancements

Now that you have some ideas about how to dress up a chain link fence, there are a few things you should consider when choosing the option for your fence. These include:

  • Look for something that is UV stabilized and fade resistant – this helps to ensure your fence enhancement will look better for longer
  • Look for chain link fence enhancements that are easy to install and remove – if you do ever need to replace them, you don’t want to have a hard time taking them down!
  • Buy a little more than you think you will need – this will allow you to replace a section if it does somehow get damaged
  • Look for products that have good reviews – if it’s worked for other people, it will probably work for you
  • If you live in a rented property, be sure to get permission from your landlord before you make any changes to the fence – even if they’re temporary and removable

Hopefully, these tips will give you some inspiration about how you can transform your chain link fence from bland and industrial to a designer feature for your backyard.

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