Privacy Fence 101

Privacy Fence 101

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If you have a backyard, chances are you either have a privacy fence or you want one. It’s only natural that you would want to create a secluded space to enjoy, and a good fence is a great way to do that.

However, many people are surprised to find that there are a huge variety of privacy fence options out there. Here’s what you need to know about what a privacy fence is, what your options are, and how much you can expect to pay for a privacy fence.

What Is a Privacy Fence?

A privacy fence is a fence that is designed not only to demarcate a boundary but also to block some or all of the visibility into the fenced area.

How High Is a Privacy Fence?

The height your fence can be is usually determined by your local municipal building department, but the most common height for residential properties is six feet or about 1.8 meters. Sometimes, and even on some parts of your fence line, you might only be able to install a fence that is five or even 4 feet tall. So be sure to check what the regulations in your area are.

Sometimes, in some areas and countries, privacy fences can be higher than 6 feet. In some cases, the standard might be 7 feet or 2.1 meters, or the regulations might even allow privacy fences up to 8 feet or about 2.4 meters tall.

What Is the Difference Between Full Privacy and Semi-Privacy Fence?

You might also have noticed during your searches for information about privacy fences that there are both full privacy fence and semi-privacy fence options.

The difference between these two kinds of privacy fences is how much you can see through them.

A full privacy fence is completely closed, with no or very narrow spaces between the fence components. Often, these spaces are as little as 1 or 2 millimeters, so unless you are standing right against the fence, you can’t really see through them.

Semi privacy fence has larger gaps, which could be an inch or more between the components. The level of visibility through a semi-privacy fence will vary based on the design of the fence.

Because semi-privacy fences use less materials, they usually cost a  little less than full-privacy fence options.

What Kinds of Privacy Fence Are There?

Sometimes, when people say they want a privacy fence, they think they’re talking about a single type of fence. However, there are many different kinds of privacy fence, including:

  • Wood fence
  • Vinyl fence
  • Composite fence
  • Corrugated metal fence
  • Precast concrete fence
  • Chain link fence with slats

There might be other types of privacy fences available in your area too, and within those options, there might be several design options and styles to choose from.

How Much Does a Privacy Fence Cost?

The cost of fence systems is made up of two main things: the price of the material and the cost of labor to install it.

Of course, because privacy fence systems have more material, they tend to cost more than other types of fence. They also take a little longer to install than, for instance, a mesh fence.

Combined, the extra cost of materials and labor required for a privacy fence installation will probably mean you can expect to pay between three and four times what you would for a chain link or diamond mesh fence of the same height.

Where to Find Privacy Fence Companies?

If you’re looking for privacy fence companies in your area, you can start your search on our directory.

An online search with the type of fence you would like and your city will usually also give you some good leads, or you can use our fence quote system to post the details of your project for free and get quotes from local companies.

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