Where to Find Do It Yourself Vinyl Fencing?

Where to Find Do It Yourself Vinyl Fencing?

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If you’re reasonably handy, there’s a good chance you do at least a few things around the house and backyard, and often, installing a new fence is one of the jobs we think about in the spring and summertime.

However, unlike wood fence, which is relatively easy to come by, and chain link fence that is also relatively easy to find, if you want to install a vinyl fence, you might be wondering where to find do-it-yourself vinyl fencing. Here are a few options.

Vinyl Fence Panels from Hardware Retailers

The first place you might be able to find vinyl fence panels for DIY installation is your local big box hardware store.

Many big-name hardware stores sell vinyl fence systems that include ready-made vinyl fence panels. This kind of panel is usually easier to install because you don’t have to assemble all the components that make up the vinyl fence system.

DIY Vinyl Fence Online


Big online retailers like Amazon also offer do-it-yourself vinyl fencing, and they usually offer fence systems that don’t require any digging or post installation, so you can install them without needing special equipment.

There are a variety of easy-to-install DIY vinyl fence systems out there, but most of these fences are lower, usually 3 to 4 feet tall at the most, and most are more like picket fence systems than privacy fences. So if you want to install a privacy fence around your backyard, this might not be the best option.


Buy DIY vinyl fence panels on Amazon

Ask Local Vinyl Fence Companies

Often, companies that install vinyl fences are also willing to sell vinyl fence products to people who want to do their vinyl fence installation themselves.

Sometimes, these companies will even router the holes you need in your vinyl fence posts, so you can install your horizontal rails easily and without requiring any brackets or extra fittings.

Installing a professional-grade vinyl fence system is a little more complicated than installing vinyl fence panels on posts though, and you will probably need more equipment and some skill to get the job done right.

Vinyl Fence Buying Tips

If you are planning to buy vinyl fence materials for a DIY vinyl fence install, there are a few things you want to bear in mind.

First, look for vinyl fence products that are UV-stabilized. This means that they are less likely to fade a lot and that they won’t crack or become discolored soon after installation.

Next, look at the warranty on the fence product. Most commercial vinyl fence systems have warranties ranging from 20 years to life, and you want to be sure that you’re buying a product from a manufacturer with a good warranty.

Finally, make sure you get help with your material take-off. Calculating how much fence material you need is tricky, and you want to be sure you get enough material to finish the job, plus a little extra to keep in case you need to do minor repairs at a later stage.

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